Mike Pence in 2024-- please tell me it's not happening

Does he have less of a personality than Bush the younger? Probably. But what about Bush the Elder, or Nixon? I don’t see it, and don’t think charisma helps or hurts, beyond a point. Now, if anyone remembers Admiral Stockdale, I admit that he had a problem in this area. But Pence isn’t like that.

If DJT doesn’t run, and Pence’s opponents split the complete-and-total Trumper lane, Pence, as the mostly-Trumper, can win the 2024 nomination.

Unless we look to be in complete recovery from the COVID recession, 2024 will be a bad year to make predictions about.

Now that 45 has chucked, shoved, jostled, pushed, and thrown him under the bus, I don’t see the mad orange supporters putting Pence in any office.

Even DJT may have a sell-by date.

Consider this recent poll:

538 rates Echelon Insights B/C. Not stellar, but no worse than some pollster brand names.

P.S. on my last post, about Pence polling fairly well:

Yes, that may just be name recognition.

But there are a lot of soft Trumpers who refuse to see DJT for what he is because then they would have to question what political team they are on. Those voters are the ones who I think would refuse to take Trump’s rants against Pence as seriously intended. They can give Pence a lane.

I guess we can say that a head on a pike is sorta on a pedestal: a real skinny pedestal. :wink:

That kind of pedestal is the best. That’s what people are saying.

I kindof expect Donald Jr. to run

He’s certainly nasty and stupid enough to be a strong contender for his party’s nomination.

It must be kind of insulting to women that he cannot relate to them as human beings, but only as females.

He had a heart pacemaker inserted today. Might very well rule him out for 2024

Doctors had to have a special one made, for a heart that was two sizes too small.

If I happen to encounter him, I’ll be sure to wave.


Had to re-read these four successive posts to determine the first two were about Trump Jr. and the next two about Pence again.

(at least I’m pretty sure the third’s about Pence)

It certainly was about Pence. The bit about not being able to have dinner with a woman not his wife.

I thought his rule (and Billy Graham’s) was, he wouldn’t ever be alone with a woman not his wife? I’m pretty sure he’s dined with other women, just with other people around.

Polls suggest that if Trump doesn’t run, Pence will be one of the top contenders along with Ron De Santis. Yes, some of that may be name recognition but that’s what they kept saying about Biden too. I think Pence still has a shot though the non-Trump front-runner at this stage is probably De Santis.

I’m pretty sure there was at least once he refused to dine alone with another woman in public.


Pence has the (mostly residual now) respectability that the totally disgusted anti-trump Rs need as a fig leaf to vote R again despite their misgivings about the crazy wing. And he has enough Trump stink on him that he can run on the “All the Evil, but now with less Crazy” platform.

If he can pick an up-and-coming crazy as his VP he’s a shoo-in. De Santis may already be too far along in his own path to presidential nominee that he can’t / won’t play VP to Pence. But for sure Pence can find a bombastic know-nothing in the ranks of the lesser Rs to fill the “All Crazy all the Time” square that so many rabid RWs seem to want/demand.

Certainly plenty of well-known names to choose from.