Mike Pence in 2024-- please tell me it's not happening

I agree. Still, I’m kinda surprised he even took their money. He must be desperate. My evil twin really wants to add “Heh, heh, heh.”

BTW, Indiana still has a Republican governor, but he is really good-- I didn’t vote for him, and doubt I ever will, but I have to admit, I like him, and think he has handled COVID really well. My son has been in school about 92% of eligible days. The school system’s protocol for handling student and teacher positive tests was very good. My son had one week of eLearning because his teacher came up positive. The students had to stay home, and the teacher Zoom taught them if she was well enough (they’d get a sub if she wasn’t). After a week, they all got tested, and all were negative, and allowed to return, with a sub, who tested negative. The teacher was present remotely, and I guess team taught with the sub. My son said he liked it and I went over his homework. It was better organized that my school work in junior high

I’m so glad Pence was not our governor the last 4 years.

The boychickhad his own chromebook at school, and I uploaded everything from it to his by far more powerful Dell laptop. I put it in a partition, so he basically has two computers in the one day a month the he had e-learning for practice
And, Indianapolis has had a Democrat mayor, but he and the governor have worked very well together. Practically Nobel Peace Prize caliber, considering how Republicans and Democrats have generally behaved toward one another in the last few years.

Still working out the kinks, obliviously.

I’m telling you, the connections between Trumpism and cults are extensive and disturbing.

The Washington Times, the Trump lie spewing newspaper, is controlled by the Moonies.

The Epoch Times, the other Trump lie spewing newspaper, is the media arm of the Chinese Falun Gong cult.

Many of the Capitol storming evangelicals belong to IFB churches, a fundamentalist Baptist denomination whose doctrine involves child abuse. This is the cult that congressman Adam Kinzinger was raised in - he left, and IMHO, that is why he’s been so adamant in resisting Trumpism.

It’s bizarre, but I think they’re attracted to the power structure and the idea that a strong leader is going to single-handedly set the fallen world right, and their leader’s approval of Trump gives them permission to worship him.

ETA- of course, the grift is a large part of it. Cult leaders are con artists, Trump is con artist, birds of a feather and all that.

It feels like Pence is doing cult penance. When men in cults displease the leader, they are often exiled but given tasks to perform ( like maybe writing an Op-Ed on election fraud) - with the promise that if they complete these tasks and prove their obedience, they might be allowed back in.

As a fellow Hoosier, I will mostly agree with this. I didn’t vote for Governor Holcomb either, but I do think he’s been pretty good in his response to the pandemic. He doesn’t seem overly eager to open things up too soon, and he has (with a couple of early mis-steps) consistently worn facemasks in public and doesn’t appear to have much patience with people who don’t want to do so.

As the husband of a teacher (now retired, thank goodness), I am a little disappointed that Indiana has not prioritized teachers for vaccination. That is my major disagreement with his COVID response so far.

I join you in being glad that Pence was not in charge of the state during this situation. I don’t know how much of a political future he will have. Hopefully very little. On the other hand, his brother Greg (who happens to be my congressman) is still pretty popular, so you never know.

I’m also an Indiana resident. I don’t like Pence, but he isn’t an authoritarian wanna be dictator like Trump. Sadly for me, thats ‘good enough for a republican at this point’.

I would disagree With Pence’s policy decisions. But Pence wouldn’t try to undermine democracy the way Trump did.

I think you are right about this-- I wish teachers would be given priority as well; however, I do admit that Holcomb at least studied the subject, and came to his decision based on facts-- the fact that teacher-to-student transmission is very rare, and so is student-to-student transmission, especially in the younger grades. I still would have prioritized teacher vaccination because teachers run a high risk of adult-to-adult transmission. Aside from it just not being very kind to subject them to it, it runs the risk of interrupting student continuity with lots of subs if teachers are out frequently due to exposure.

But Holcomb wanted to vaccinate the 50-60 age group more than younger teachers. Apparently enough teachers would be vaccinated with over-50s plus high-risk conditions, that the teacher vaccination rate would be fairly high.

I still would have prioritized teachers.

At any rate, though, with the J&J vaccine, it looks like all adults who want a vaccine will have one before the next school year.

No one is like Trump. Actually, Pence is really excellent VP material, as long as the president remains healthy. He never shot anyone nor misspelled “potatoe.” And he can stand really still.

I hear Pence doesn’t kick puppies either.

Well, not straight puppies, anyway

Fat chance.

Although he was part of the Trump administration he lacks all of the characteristics that attracted people to Trump. He was specifically chosen as VP because he balanced those qualities. Also (as far as Trumpists are concerned) he dropped the ball when he had the chance to single handedly return the presidency to the greatest person ever to have held the office just because of some niggling technicality known as the constitution.

He’s in a no win situation as far as 2024 goes. If the party stays Trumpist, he can’t win for the reasons described above. On the other hand if Trump is disgraced and the never Trumpers somehow come back into power he can’t wash the Trump stink off him. His political career at this point is dead.

Big deal. Either he’s all in on running and getting his side of the story out first beforehand or he’s cashing in on his time in power before fading into irrelevancy.

Yeah. They were going to hang him. I don’t think they like him.

Who’s the target audience for this book? Pence has licked 45’s balls for so long, that no dirt can be expected to be spilled. And is there anything particularly compelling about his life story prior to being VP?

I sure wouldn’t hold out much hope for steaming-hot gay sex scenes from his youth. Or last week.

That’s the $4M question.

Maybe in a nod to the current situation with news and “news” he intends to publish two books. A paean to his time licking God-Trump’s privates in all their golden glory, and a tell-all exposé about the horrors of Trump as a person and his crimes as a President.

The first book is sold only on RW media and the second only on MSM. Nobody Pence cares about will ever be the wiser.

He shouldn’t expect much help from his old boss, as predicted: Trump goes after Pence, McConnell in speech to party donors

Yeah, no, I see no evidence that he can keep hardcore Trump fans “engaged.”

To go back to the thread title question: It’s not happening, as in, running a realistic race – but it will be put out there. In the recent past, if you ever were an incumbent VP, and it was not your capstone post a-la-Chaney, you are going to at least be talked about, and may even just float it then give it up like Quayle. And if you can cash in for retirement, all the better. (Hey, Mike, with the advance, buy a house, OK?)

The GOP will have plenty of people running on the spectrum from “all the Trump policies, but with table manners” to those trying to out-Trump Trump in every aspect who’ll tell you unprompted who they’d grab by where. The former is where Pence would try to fit but, really, it takes someone with a personality.

Pence’s allies see him as the natural Trump heir, someone who can keep his base engaged

Engaged? The ones who were "engaged’ in yelling for him to be hanged, and building a gallows outside the Capitol Building?

Yeh, that’s gonna work out just great.

Ah, c’mon. They just wanted to put him on a pedestal.