Mike Pence in 2024-- please tell me it's not happening

I’d vote for Pence but I don’t see him winning the primary.

All evidence suggests EXACTLY the opposite. Look at the bizarre 1776 Project and Mike Pompeo’s weird screed against multiculturalism. Or how when Biden condemned white supremacy, they complained about it.

It’s much likelier that the Republicans are trying to normalize white supremacy. It’s 50-50 that by 2030, they will openly be calling themselves white supremacists, and insisting it’s perfectly fine to be a white supremacist and anyone who says otherwise is a bigot.

IIRC, Pence’s poll numbers in Indiana weren’t very good in the spring of 2016, which was one reason he jumped at the chance to be Trump’s veep at a time when it looked like Trump was going to have a hard time finding a running mate.

In Indiana.

Put me in the “no way he’s going to win the GOP nomination in 2024” camp.

And what RickJay said. The GOP base will be looking for someone who keeps the party moving ever further to the right.

I think Pence is basically finished in politics. Now on the outs with both factions for reasons mentioned above and having all the charisma of a turnip.

Remember the RNC “autopsy” after Romney’s loss? It concluded that the party was toast unless they made extensive outreach efforts to women, African-American, Asian, Hispanic and gay voters. Then four years later Trump was elected to office through a campaign of white grievance. And after four years of “very fine people” support for white nationalists, he increased his share of African-American, Hispanic and Asian voters.

So no, I don’t believe the party has learned that it needs to appeal to a more diverse base. If anything, it’s learned that a campaign of white grievance isn’t as alienating to minority voters as they feared.

White woke liberals are seemingly never going to understand this, but large portions of black, Hispanic, and Asian voters are very parochial people who are not down with things like feminism, transgender issues, the idea of secular values being promoted over religious ones, and many other things that make up a big part of the Democratic platform, and have as much of a lack of empathy for other marginalized groups as any white Republican in Kentucky. When are people going to understand this? Of course the Republicans are going to continue to attract minorities. It’s going to become a bigger tent, guaranteed, despite all the white nationalists.

Is there evidence of this? The fact remains the Republicans don’t get one in ten Black votes despite the fact that the Democrats have been the more staunchly progressive party since forever.

I think the main distinction is that absolutely nobody has the Madame Tussaud thing down like Fency-Pence.
Good thing robotman Lankford ain’t running - woulda given Mikhail a good run for the money in that dept.!

I suspect Pence is politically cooked, for the reasons stated upthread. If Trump doesn’t run in 2024, then Pence almost certainly will, but I also expect he’ll get about as far in the GOP primaries as Dan Quayle (another widely-disrespected Hoosier VP) did when he ran in his own right. The only chance I see for Pence is if Trump wholeheartedly throws his support behind him and scares off any other candidates, but that’s just not gonna happen. Trump has zero loyalty to any subordinate, and never, ever forgives or forgets (what he wrongly sees as) betrayal.

Virginia, the cradle of Presidents! :+1:
Indiana, the cradle of Vice-Presidents. :thinking:

Oh yeah

Shortly after the election, many right-wing pundits were trying to convince Trump to graciously concede defeat and become the senior statesman of the Republican empire, the kingmaker whose seal of approval would be a virtual guarantee of political success.

It was possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my life, it was like these people had never met Donald Trump. The very idea that Donald Trump cared anything about a political party that couldn’t give him his second term was absurd, almost as absurd as the idea that Donald Trump would expend any sort of capital, political or otherwise, to advance the career of someone that wasn’t Donald J Trump.

Trump isn’t going to help anyone but especially not the traitorous pussy Mike Pence. Trump’s not forgetting the betrayal and all the humiliating shit he made Pence do, like flouncing out of football stadiums, has been completely forgotten in the face of the ultimate abandonment.

Trump isn’t forgetting it, not at all. In fact, he’s probably replaying the betrayal over and over in his head, embellishing it with every rewind. He will never forget how Pence viciously turned on Trump, the Republican Party and the Constitution by casting the deciding vote for President for Joe Biden. Because every American that slept through Civics knows the sitting VP selects the new President, and the national election is just an information gathering exercise.

Because that’s how Trump sees it.

As always, @Ann_Hedonia, you have summed matters up perfectly.

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I believe in recent decades only Dick Cheney was a VP who did not run for president . Quayle ran but dropped out before primaries in 96. Rockefeller did not run but nobody thought he would. Nobody would vote for Agnew. Alben Barkley was Truman’s VP who did not run. He died 3 years after leaving office.

True, but considering that it’s actually sort of unusual to be a one-termer, it’s hard to say much in general about losing VPs, but the sample we have suggests they don’t have much going for them.

As you note, Quayle didn’t make it to the primary ballot, and while Mondale was the final candidate, he was more of a sacrifice than anything, and lost pretty damn big.

I’m feeling a little better now.

Yes, this. Agent Orange will never, ever, go to bat for the man who faithfully served the wrong Lord and Master for most of the last 4 years. And while Pence finally did find his spine in that last critical couple weeks, that isn’t going to be enough to save him in the eyes of a lot of voters.

I expect Pence will have lots of time to reflect on his life choices going forward.


He’s basically radioactive politically these days. The Democrats won’t have anything to do with him, because he’s associated with Trump, and the Republicans won’t have anything to do with him because he had the temerity to stand up to Trump and not go along with the crazy-town riot plan.

The only group that might have anything to do with him would be that small slice of sane Republicans like Romney, Collins, etc… .

This article claims that Mike Pence is hanging out with the Unification (Moonie) Church now!


My unsupported guess about that is that the UPF (Universal Peace Federation of the Unification Church) simply gave Pence a buttload of money to be one of the many speakers at their “Rally for Hope”. I doubt Pence has any interest in their theology.