Mike Pence in 2024-- please tell me it's not happening

A veritable bumper crop in the GOP these days.

Statutory rape? Any publicity is good publicity.

Here’s some news:

Mike’s not fuckin’ around with that weak-ass two weeks bullshit; he’s jumping right up to months.

Classic salesmanship: underpromise and overdeliver.

This is suitably scathing:

Holy crap, he’s so spineless that Waylon Smithers would tell him “dude, grow a pair”.

I don’t see a path for Pence right now, but whatever my feelings about him may be, I’ll concede that he has pretty sharp political instincts and survival skills. He’d like to run in 2024 but there’s time for a 2028 run if the path isn’t there in a few years, and anything he does between now and 2023-24 is probably setting the table for a later run once the Trump brand’s lifecycle expires, which it eventually will.

Speed the day!

Pence: “We’ve got to guard our values"

What values would those be?
Humping porn stars and then paying them to shut up?
Lying about a pandemic and thinking bleaching your lungs will help?
The value of inciting a violent mob to attack the Capital?
Blustering about locking up your political opponents?

Those Republican Values?

What values would you expect a Super Christian to stand up for?

I guess the most important one would be the Value of Exploiting Marks to Send You Money to Pad Your Own Bank Account.

Seems that is what passes for “Christian values” in most of the country.

Force women to have children they don’t want, then refuse to support a social safety net for them?

Trump’s personal political decline doesn’t necessarily portend the demise of Republican authoritarianism. What Trump will be remembered for, regardless of his political lifespan, is that he mainstreamed the GOP as the party of illiberal democracy. That die is cast. That is not going to change until an overwhelming majority of the population sends an unmistakable middle finger to that brand of politics, and unfortunately, we are nowhere close to that moment now. In fact, the impending ouster of Liz Cheney makes it very clear: the Republican party is openly illiberal. They’re not even hiding it now. They are openly standing against free and fair elections, and all of the consequences that result therefrom.

That may all be true, but this country and democracy itself would be better without Trump than with him.

Trump is still denouncing Pence for following the law and constitution, so I cannot imagine who would back him for president now. He has offended both the Trump wing and the never Trump wing.

Nah - the GOP’ll just keep buying bigger clothespins.

Mike Pence & clothes pins - There’s an image I didn’t need.