Mike Pence in 2024-- please tell me it's not happening

With one turning a blind eye and the other’s eyes swivelling, that’s only to be expected.

Pence’s recent comment reminds me of a line from a ‘Frank and Ernest’ comic:

“My fiance and I can’t agree about the wedding. I want a quiet ceremony with just a few family and friends, and she never wants to see me again”.

The right thing to say, but it’s not going to get him the GOP nomination in 2024:

MAGAbots hate him for not attempting to nullify the election. Sane Republicans hate him for being a toady for 4 years. He has no base of supporters. Put some butter on him, he is toast.

Completely agree. I see no meaningful path to the nomination for Pence.

Still trying to stay in the game:

“I have to tell you the president’s speech yesterday was unlike anything I’d ever heard from an American president”, said Mike Pence.

By which presumably he meant that Biden didn’t talk about how great he was or how he knows more about vaccines than the doctors do or about people coming up to him with tears in their eyes to praise him or about how terrible the media are or about how the election was rigged, nor did Biden then go off on an incoherent tangent involving assigning kindergarten-level nicknames to random people. Because that’s how presidents talk in Pence’s world.

You can see how disorienting that would be for him.

Appalling, of course… but as ever, not at all surprising:

Pence is joining Sara Huckabee Sanders and Ben Carlson as key note speakers at “The National Symposium on Patriotic Education”, which is brought to you by College of the Ozarks. Sounds like a hoot.

Republicans: “It’s terrible how the left is brainwashing children in schools”.

Also Republicans: “Patriotic Education”.

Who falls asleep first, the audience or the speakers?

Ozarks and Symposium aren’t words you ever see in close proximity. I feel bad for Arkansans who will be saddled with the spawn of Satan as their governor.

Pence turned out not to be the guardian of constitutional norms that we had previously thought. He consulted Dan Quayle to see if had any wiggle room at all to overturn the results. When Quayle told him that would be even harder than spelling “potato”, Pence told him about all the pressure he was getting. He was a man who, after spending four years licking Donnie’s boots, was desperate to find a way to get another four years of boot-licking. So now he can’t be Donnie’s friend anymore. Worse, Donnie thinks that Pence has cooties. The only way Pence has a snowball’s chance in hell would be over Donnie’s dead body.

This was always the position I thought Pence held - not that he was acting out of principle, but that there was literally nothing he could do (short of grabbing the box of results and running off shouting “Can’t catch me!”) to stop or overturn the count.

And even though he did everything he could do, his beloved Trump sent a mob to kill him for his failure.

Like you do.

What on earth is the point, Mike? The never-Trumpers hate you for being a Trump toady, and the Trumpists hate you for not being a Trump toady. Where on earth do you expect to garner any support whatsoever? Mother only has one vote.