Mike Pence in 2024-- please tell me it's not happening

Pence might be the dumbest coward in politics today. And thats saying something. Does he really think that fence exists to try and straddle anymore?

Once you’ve experienced a barbed wire butt-flossing…

When you’re the target of a lynch mob but you find it expedient to deny that the lynch mob existed- well you’re pretty much the definition of cowardice.

It should probably be removed from the calendar just to be safe. If people are worried about the year’s being out of sync we can just have two September 11ths to make Rudy happy.

I wouldn’t count him out just yet. I mean, look at the continued success of his mentor, Dan Quayle.

Trying to type this w/o gagging on my keyboard… but apparently Iowa repubs are not wanting Pence to run. Trump had a rally in Iowa recently and Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show went.

48 seconds in and, ouch, Pence gets burned:

He’s still at it.

It’s been half a decade now, and when I see shit like this I still exclaim, “TRUMP!”, they’re enthusiastic and willing to die for donald fucking trump!! of all people! It’s been abundantly clear what an amoral egomaniacal asshole he is, and that he doesn’t give a rat fuck about them.

Yep, it’s just mind boggling. The strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Well, except for that one thing I’m not allowed to talk about.

These people are completely immune to facts and reason (but probably not COVID).

That they have not yet crawled back under their rocks is troubling.

Maybe the light of day will eradicate their beliefs. That would be a good thing. But it’s not working so far.

His sentences could be longer.

I just plain old think Mr. Mother doesn’t want to run for POTUS.

Thanks, boss!

Just a short post to note that I am the OP of the thread, and am proud it is still alive after one year. I have not been posting to it, as it’s taken on a life of its own, and my original query was answered a long time ago; however, I have eagerly been reading it. I love me some thread drift, and I like that this has not gone on to be about tacos, or AA, but it’s gone on.

Carry on.

I dunno, I mean, some guys just are into the humiliation thing, y’know?

Does Pence like tacos?

I’d certainly understand if he developed a drinking problem.