mike, the headless chicken

forgot which book this was in, but it was memorable. anyway, in news bites (that’s actually the name “news bites”–it’s a local thing that has loads of advertising and very few national/regional/state news items that we kollage kids read to keep up on info)…anyway, today had an interesting article…it follows as it was printed, including all the grammatical errors.

elsewhere in the news
the town of Fruita, CO will hold its first annual Mike the Headless Chicken Day Sunday to honor the town’s most famous chicken. the festivities include a 5K Run Like a Headless Chicken race and other chicken-based events.
the story of Mike the Headless Chicken dates back to 1945, when a farmer chopped off the head of a rooster, being careful to leave most its neck attached to its body to satisfy his mother-in-law’s craving for her favorite food – fried chicken neck. the chicken momentarily flopped around, but came to his senses and strutted back into the barnyard to join his friends with heads.
the once common, everyday rooster came to be an attraction to the media, the curious and scientists who wanted to find out how a living thing could survive without a head. scientists concluded that it kept functioning without a head because brain stem remained intact.
the chicken was named Mike and was paired with a two-headed calf on the sideshow circuit, with the added attraction of Mike’s head preserved in a jar of alcohol.
Time and Life magazines have featured him in photo essays, and his life-after-head is greatly detailed in local newspapers. Mike eventually died but the lack of a head isn’t what killed him. It was his favorite food.
while touring in California, the bird’s manager sent for whole grain corn to be include in his diet, which was administered via eyedropper and tweezers through a small opening on the top of his neck. a corn kernel was apparently too much for his altered intake to handle and caused him to choke to death, but not before he lived the life of a celebrity.