Mild food poisoning (somewhat unpleasant content) just checking

Disclaimer: I know you are not my doctor and I will contact him if necessary.

Yesterday I ate my regular meals including a prawn cocktail (prawns in marie-rose sauce.)
The prawn cocktail tasted a little funny, but I went ahead anyway.

Today I felt fine and ate my lunch.
Soon after, I had to rush to the bathroom, where I had a swift bout of diarrhoea.
Since then I have felt fine (and my appetite is normal.)

Of course I will get medical advice if I get any further symptoms.

My question is - assuming the prawn cocktail was ‘off’, would it explain what happened?

do you have any leftover you could ask a friend to try?

Short answer, yes.

Check out this list of lovely little bugs from the CDC. Many can check the box of symptoms after 24 hours.

Folly, thanks for listing food poisoning stuff.

Procrustus, I really hope you were joking. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yep. :wink:

A few months back I think I undercooked some hamburger. I had your symptom for around 10 days (but mostly lost my appetite). Do not recommend, would not try again.

That happens to me occasionally, usually out of nowhere. It might have been the prawns, or maybe something else.

It is fairly possible, seafood tends to go wonky fast. I have the joke “cast iron stomach” - to the extent of attending one SCA feast, eating the same meal as 90 percent of the people there [about 10 percent of us had allergies to one thing or another included in the feast] and while a reported 80 percent of the people got food poisoning, I did not [everybody except the infant in arms who only had milk] did end up with food poisoning. mrAru tends towards a ‘delicate’ stomach, though he will have issues because his sense of smell is slightly deadened from exposure to Ghu knows what while in the Navy - I will be the one that will point out that something smells off.

I did discover during chemo induced nausea that smells affect me strongly - to the point that to this date, 5 years after initial chemo, that even just the smell of an ‘Italian’ cooking [italian sausage, onions and peppers] can nauseate me. I discovered the smell back then triggered an immediate need to pull over, open the door to the car and vomit - I had to avoid a particular intersection on Wednesdays. Now the smell is still nauseating, but it isn’t an immediate vomit trigger.]