Mild rant about a Papa John's driver

Not Pit-worthy nor GQ-worthy so here goes.

As I was leaving the building I work in to go get lunch I noticed some red car pulling into the half-circle driveway/fire lane. This building is on a corner where a one-way street meets a two-way street so we get lots of people pulling in to turn around. I wasn’t sure what this guy was trying to do because he had come from the direction of the one-way, pulled into western end of the half-circle and all the way around to the eastern end. I thought he was about to go back onto the two-way when he reversed toward me! WTF? He stops just short of jumping the curb and, because of the way the driveway is designed, leaves me with hardly any room to walk by. I could have walked past on the driver’s side but I didn’t know what the jerk was up to so I stayed to the right. I reach the door and I hear the jerk yell, “Goddamn!” I ask, “What the hell are you doing?” and keep going, get my food and a couple things from the drug store and when I round the corner on my way back I see the jerk leaving. It was then that I noticed it was some delivery guy. Then I noticed the tell-tale hole in one of the passenger doors. A thought runs through my mind: “Hey, I know that car! It’s from the Papa John’s at Columbia Pike & Glebe!” So I get back to my desk, look up for that number, and tell the voice at the other end that the hole-in-door guy needs to pay more attention to pedestrians. The voice puts me on hold, comes back to get my number and address, then gives me another number to call. Guess what? Right, it’s an invalid number!

I was going to ask for advice on what to do next but I was just poking around the Papa John’s website and found a feedback form. I’m going to pass along the pertinent details of this story to them, including the phone-wonk that evidently tried to brush me off.


I got an email from a woman in Papa John’s main customer service department, probably some form letter. She said she’ll pass along my comments to their proper destination.

Meethinks the a-hole was the one who answered the phone. Ask to speak to the manager or track down the regional manager.

I doubt it was the same bozo, even if he had no other deliveries to make it would have taken him about 15 minutes to get back to the pizzas. Plus the phone-wonk had a distinct accent (Asian?) and the “Goddam!” accent sounded local. I’ll wait to see if I hear anything else resulting from my website feedback, I’ll give them until I get back from vacation then I’ll try one of the managers.

Lotsa luck! Seriously.

I have come to loath Papa John’s. They claim they don’t deliver where I live, but I see the freakin’ cars here all the time? Though I’ve never seen one stopped. So I suppose they may just pass through but not stop to deliver. Because that would make a lot of sense.

Eh, who cares though. An Abo’s is across the street and they are far better than Papa John’s.

Isn’t most pizza?

Yes, as is most dirt, soiled underwear, and sour milk.

You know, I was hungery and thinking all I have around the house is dirt, sour milk and soiled underwear.

Since your personal experience ranks then below Pap Johns I shall mark them off the potential food list.

I value the fact I can learn from your experiences.

You saved me a very siapointing meal Mouthbreather



I actually quite like Papa Johns pizza.

Last I heard from Papa John’s, they were passing along my comments to the management company of that particular location. I regularly pass by that location to and from work and have not seen the red four-door sedan with the hole in the rear passenger-side door for quite a while. That tells me either the assclown got a new car or he doesn’t work there anymore. He might even have been fired.

While I’m here, Tim, we tried Papa John’s spinach alfredo pizza a couple of weeks ago. It took a couple of tries to convience the phone-wonk that they do indeed deliver here. The pizza was good though.

Wow, I guess they deliver pizzas about as fast as they deliver results! YES! Hi–yooooo!