Miles Davis and Me.

Having done some reasonably in-depth research into the subject, I have come up with a list of the 6 most significant differences between Miles Davis and me. These are:

  1. I am quite a good deal taller than Miles was.

  2. Miles is often rightly help up as a pargaon exemplar of Afro-American badassedness. I am, on the other hand, more often held up as an example of peckerwood apathy and middle-class impotence.

  3. Miles put out a ground-breaking album in 1972 called “On The Corner” which highly respected critics have picked through and feasted on for 40 years. I put out trash on the corner which lowly and disrespectful critters pick through and feast on the small hours of the morning

  4. Miles played in a band with a magnificently named drummer called Philly Joe Jones. I play in a band with anyone from the audience who thinks they can play drums

  5. Miles’ father was a dentist who had to bully him to go to Julliard. My father’s name was Julius and he had to bully me to go to the dentist.

  6. Miles was hooked on Dope. I’m hooked on THE Dope.

I’m sure that, if given further thought and deeper introspection, I could expand this list significantly. But in the meantime, I think it is probably a more profitable use of my time to find some less awesome to compare myself with than Miles Davis.

Were you ever married to Cicely Tyson?

Did you invent any music genres?

Maybe start with Kenny G. and work your way up?

Those are striking similarities! I guess humanity really is just one being separated only by the most superficial and temporal differences.

I have a similar list documenting the remarkable parallels between me and Lynda Carter.

Miles recorded groundbreaking albums with John Coltrane. Did you maybe once take a train and eat cold cuts on the john?

If so, which train?

Probably Mike Tyson.

Miles Davis had an album called Kinda Blue. The OP merely has a bagful of blues.

Holy shit, you ARE Miles!

My name is EmilyG, but I swear I’m not related to Kenny G. And yes, I do play the saxophone, but I’ve never played soprano sax like Kenny G.

So you’re of the non-annoying variety of sax player?

I try not to be annoying when I play the sax, although I haven’t played sax in a while, being more of a clarinet player. Most jazz sax players don’t annoy me. Kenny G certainly does annoy me. Although I don’t know if his music even counts as real jazz.

Why yes, I am a music snob. Why do you ask? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, no I was not. But then there was also a period in Miles’ life when he, also, was not married to Cicely Tyson. So that is a point of similarity.