Miles, you silly little monkey, where are you?

For those participating in the “Miles for Miles the Monkey” program – please speak up if you have him! It was slated for him to arrive with me in time for me to take him to the San Francisco Pride Parade at the end of this month (June 24-26). Planned activities included the Dyke March through the Castro, the big parade, and his picture taken with a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. I also wanted to show him the beautiful drive up the California coast on PCH and stop in places like Solvang, San Luis Obispo, and Monterey. We wouldn’t want him to miss all that now, would we?

My e-mail is in my profile, perhaps there is still time to arrange for him to make it. If not, meh. I can always take him to West Hollywood and hit the clubs instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking yesterday evening of starting a thread like this. I had Miles last year, for Christmas. He attended the 100th birthday party of my Grandmother, went on the annual Audubon Christmas Bird count, visited the Sunday School class I teach, and so on. He went from me to harmless in Florida, for a wild and wacky New Year’s Eve.

I have a lot of pictures of Miles, as I copied on floppy disks not only mine but the ones that came from before. Miles as a wedding guest in Canada was one of my favorites.


I was going to have him to end May, but it didn’t end up happening. Last I knew, caught@work had him.

As far as I know, Caught@Work sent him to Ireland but he was returned to sender. So he should still be in Australia.

I know there was financial issues and such, and postage can get pretty expensive. If there’s a way we can ship his ass super fast to California for the pride fest, I’ll pay the postage.

Checking in, but I don’t have him.

Bear_Nenno, you may as well skip my reply email.
You pretty much got it all in your first sentence there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still nothing??

Has Miles been found?

Maybe we can hire the FBI to do an extensive world-wide search. This is a major crisis!

Here monkey, monkey monkey!
Who has the monkey?



If yOU evEr WAnT to See MiLeS AgaIN, BRinG $1,0o0,o00 To THe 12[sup]Th[/sup] St. BridGE @ MIDniGHt. CoME AlONe.

How many folks are left on the list for Miles to visit?
If he makes a second world tour, our family would love to have him again.

I was hoping to have him by the end of July so he could go to Worldcon and explore the UK with me. Looks like that will not happen now. :frowning:

Poor little monkey. :frowning:
I will avenge thee! :mad:

I am siting here quite ashamed at the fact that I still have Miles.

As Bear Nenno said earlier in the thread, I did send him off to Ireland quite a number of months ago and he was returned with an unknown at this address.

Postage via airmal was around $70.00 AUD which was quite a large hit for me at the time.

I haven’t been employed for the last 2 years and unemployment benefits only kicked in about 4 months ago. As a family of 4 we received $356 per fornight. That had to cover everything. Food, clothes, petrol, schooling and mortage.

Until enemployment benefits kicked in we had to live off our own funds. So when Miles was returned I simply couldn’t get the funds together to resend him overseas. Postage to the US is slightly cheaper (around $60.00 AUD) but I still could not justify 1/3 of our weekly ‘income’ in sending him off.

However, the good news is that I found employment about 3 weeks ago and the first pay cheque is due next week. As soon as it gets in I will be sending Miles on.

Again, I am quite ashamed that I couldn’t get Miles on his way earlier, but I hope you aren’t too unhappy with me. Miles is well and with the pay cheque I hope to get him some new Aussie clothes to accompany him on his trip.

I’ll post here again as soon as I send him off.

Monkey hoarder!!!

This is the Dope. :slight_smile:
If you got a monkey on your back (or you know, just chilling in your living room) that you just can’t get rid of, say something. :wink:

That’s a lot of postage for one person to have to cover alone, much less to have to cover it twice.

Where is Miles going next? How many places are left on his current world tour agenda?

I am glad to hear it is just money problems. Better he is waiting on money then being lost in the post.


Caught@Work, do you have a PayPal account? I’d be very glad to send you some funds to help give you a boost for postage. Sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve been having. At least you had Miles there to comfort you through it! All the best with the new job!


I don’t even play and I was getting worried about Miles! Hey Caught@Work, I hope it’s OK for me to say don’t sweat it! That’s a lot of money for anyone.

I’m just glad Miles is OK.

Seriously, Caught@Work, send me an address that is safe for you and I can send some funds. Maybe not all of it, but as** harmless** said, this is the Dope, we’ll pool our resources. If you sent him back to me I’d swear to get him to the next person.