military budget

This site mirrors an article I read in The Nation magazine about 20 years ago. The military budget as a percentage of federal taxes is far higher than the official account which includes “trust funds” such as Social Security which are extra “taxes”- not federal taxes. In addition the portion of the federal debt that results from the military is far larger than official sources let on. Finally many “hidden” portions of the budget are not included in the military budget such as the Department of Energy’s development of nuclear weapons, the NSA and CIA budgets which clearly have a military function, and other areas such as Veteran’s Hospitals.

Many feel that if the budget was cut in ½, or even 1/3rd, the USA could have fantastic public health and education programmes to bring it into the 21st century, and also pay fewer taxes. We’d also be safer since war spending escalation would not be as rampant and we’d be less of a target form extremists.

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