Military recruiters told to accept gay applicants

Not sure where to put this. It’s not mundane or pointless. IMHO maybe, but there could be a debate over the wisdom of coming out while appeals are pending…

AP Story

*The Defense Department has said it would comply with Phillips’ order and had frozen any discharge cases. Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said recruiters had been given top-level guidance to accept applicants who say they are gay.

AP interviews found some recruiters following the order and others saying they had not heard of the announcement.

Recruiters also have been told to inform potential recruits that the moratorium on enforcement of the policy could be reversed at any time, if the ruling is appealed or the court grants a stay, she said.*
If I were asked for advice, I’d advise caution. The winds of change are blowing, but they aren’t quite finished.
And out-recruits take note: The DI’s are calling you M-aggots…

Something that confuses me is that it’s reported that the Justice department will appeal the ruling. It’s reported that Obama would rather sign a congressional bill into law banning DADT, but hey, this injunction works too. I don’t see why he doesn’t tell Holder not to appeal, unless he did but Holder’s doing it anyway.

Times have changed, when I went through Basic (Orlando NTC, 1984) they called us "faggots, “queers,” and any number of other similar epithets. Homophobic taunting was a normal part of training then. Nobody thought anything of it at the time

My experience was similar in the Air Force. Actually, any imaginable form of insult was used, but the homophobic stuff was especially common. I’m guessing that will be changing now, as well it should.

Did they use racial insults?

No. That part wasn’t like Full Metal Jacket. They also took time to tell us they better not hear any of us using them either. I remember all of us sitting on the floor in the baracks one of the first days there, and one (black) Company Commander said “I want all the brothers to stand up.” The black guys started to stand up while the white guys remained seated, and then the other (white) CC said “You’re ALL brothers,” and started ripping into us about how any racism we might have brought in with us was out the window now, and getting caught using racial epithets was going to get our asses cycled until we puked.

Maybe they will use a similar kind of speech for homophobic attitudes in the future.

Again, my experience was similar to Dio’s. Homophobia and course language were routine. Nothing racial was done, said, or implied–other than anyone caught using a racial slur would face severe discipline.

Thanks, Oak and Dio.

I didn’t hear anything like that when I was in basic (it is a kindle, gentler Air Force) but I do wonder how is this going to effect all the casual remarks I heard (most of which were directed at me, fuckers).

The Obama Administration is challenging the court ruling and asking for an injunction to stop openly gay applicants from being admitted.

It’s Obama’s job to enforce the Phillips ruling. It’s also Obama’s job to appeal lower court rulings overturning existing Federal laws. Unless a stay is granted, it’s his job to do the former while simultaneously doing the latter, in this case.

I remember an old Benny Hill skit:

RECRUITING OFFICER: So you want to join the Army, do you?


RO: Do you think you could . . . kill a man?

OFQ: [smirking] Eventually!

Would you mind explaining that to me? I know it might sound like a stupid question to you, but why does he have to appeal?

BBC says the ruling has been overturned and gay people are no longer being allowed to enlist.

Damn, that means another hundred e-mails tomorrow about how to recruit. :smack:

SSG (P) Schwartz

Maybe, maybe not. Right now the stay is only in force until Monday.

It’s not a stupid question at all. He doesn’t have to appeal; it’s Justice Department policy. The President can quietly tell the DOJ to drop such suits from time to time, but things get sticky for the DOJ (and the President) if he does it too often.

ETA: If you’re asking why it’s Justice Department policy, I have no idea, to be honest. You might want to ask in GQ, where someone will no doubt at least be able to tell you when it began.

Thank you for the information, but nah, I don’t think I’ll start a new thread.

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SSG (P) Schwartz

What was wrong with his old §?

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