Milk and Fish: Toxic Meal?

I hear that eating fish and milk together is not a good idea. Apparently this is a non-kosher combination, and certainly I don’t find this appetizing. But what if I absently chug a half-gallon of Vitamin D after having fish? Considering that I can tolerate dairy pretty well, how long can I expect to live? Or, at least, how sick could I get?

I don’t think it’s true; there are previous threads on this topic - I’ll be back shortly with some links.

Milk and Fish together
Milk and fish

Thanks for the references! I sought and searched the archives, but alas was somehow stymied. The previous posts ought to keep me budy for awhile.

Here’s something that points to a verifiable hazard, for what it’s worth…

Potentially Dangerous Ingredient Found in Salmon Product

By Mike Fillon
WebMD Medical News

Dec. 22, 1999 (Atlanta) – It’s not always possible to tell what’s in prepackaged food from the name, as a 30-year-old woman in the Netherlands recently found out. One hour after eating a “fresh” salmon sandwich, her ears started itching, her stomach ached and her face swelled. It wasn’t the fish that caused the allergic reaction. It was a minuscule amount of casein, a milk protein.

Well, I’ve been eating fish breaded with milk and crumbs and drinking glasses of milk with my swordfish or salmon steak for probably 15 years and I’m still kicking in healthy shape…

Dunno what to tell you.

I had cod mornay for dinner on Saturday … I’m still here.

Sure, we all seem to know that we can cook the milk with the fish and live to tell about it. Perhaps the prejudice against eating milk and fish together leans toward the milk not being changed (by cooking, or by extension, pasteurization), and consumed by drinking it?

I shall continue testing. If you don’t hear from me, presume the worst.

Khuda Hafiz

Poaching whitefish in milk is delicious, and I’ve never had any problems.

But then, I wasn’t born with wisdom teeth. I swallowed my toothpaste, and have super-flouridated bones. I was very unhygenic as a child, and as a result, have no allergies and an immune system that could take down an ox at fifty paces. So, your mileage may vary.

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Well, I been doing this all my life and never herd it was a bad idea.

What now?

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