Miller's Crossing on DVD!! Woo!!

I got an email today from telling me that Miller’s Crossing is now available for pre-order. I went to the link (see here and it says that the DVD will be released on May 20, 2003.

Yay!! Coen Bros. fans around the world, rejoice!! :smiley:

Well it’s about time! I’ve been waiting to see that movie for years now.

Well that’s about damn time. I’ve also been wanting to rent it for ages.

Finally. I’m sick of Twentieth Century Fox giving us the high hat.

Excellent! I’ll third an ‘it’s about time’.

Miller’s Crossing made me quit my job, leave my family, put on a hair shirt and wander the countryside preaching the Gospel of Ethan&Joel

That’s great news. I’ll always rent a DVD in preference to VHS, and I have yet to see that one, as well as Blood Simple.

Although youse guys are probably already aware of this website, I’ll post it here just in case. Video Library, which used to be known as Home Film Festival, is an awesome source of hard-to-find films if your local Block Bastard just isn’t up to snuff. A poster here on the Board, may his name be ever blessed even though I can’t remember it, clued me in to these guys. Since I’ve been using them, I’ve seen any number of alternative, foreign, indie and other elusive films. If you go to this site, you’ll see they have a nice selection of Coen Brothers films, including Blood Simple on DVD, which will be included in my next order.

I was gonna make a hat joke. No fair. You are so goddamn smart. Except you ain’t.*

*Eddie said that no me ;D

It’s all about ethics.

Another woo-hoo from me; I got the same e-mail and was about to post this exact same thread but Jadis beat me to it.

And pugluvr – definitely check out Blood Simple, as soon as you can. Great, great movie. And the commentary track is definitely worth a listen, too – very insightful.

[eddie Dane] You know what Yagg, I believe you[/eddie Dane]

About Frickin’ Time!!!

Easy, Tapioca… friends is a mental state.

Say, what’s the rumpus?

Oh, guess I’ll order me a copy as well.

Wah-hoooo! I have literally been waiting over 5 years for that email I got today. It’s my favorite movie ever. I am thinking of buying 5-10 copies and giving them to friends who might appreciate the film. (“Always put one in the brain!”)

FINALLY!! Was about ready to take my flunkie and dangle!!

Sweetness. Now if we could just get someone off of To Live And Die in L.A.

I had a friend that had a bit part in Miller’s Crossing toward the end of the movie, if I recall correctly. He’s dressed up like a gangster, holding Gabriel Byrne’s arms behind him as he (Byrne) gets beaten up.