MilliCal Question -- Who Would Win in This Fight?

MilliCal has torn herself from watching Dr. Who to see me looking at the Dope Board, and has proposed the following question:

Who Would Win in a Four-Way Fight Between The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, and Futurama?

No awards will be given for the Best Answer.

And Remember, Neatness Counts.

Well, Futurama is the only one with an armed, intergalactic spaceship.

On the other hand, Cartman can be a real jerk sometimes.

The Simpsons and Family Guy have no chance.

Not much of a contest, I’d think.

Professor Farnsworth - eccentric and vengeful super-genius with an assorted dozen doomsday weapons, a variety of atomic super-monsters including albino remote-controlled apes and uber-basketball players, an underwater pressure-reducing suppository for sneak attacks, plus the “smell-o-scope” and “what if” machines for intelligence gathering.

Leela - pilot and martial arts expert, albeit with a few depth perception issues.

Bender - super-bending robot who is 40% dolomite.

Amy - deep financial pockets for funding mayhem.

Hermes - logistics expert.

Nibbler - eating machine with the potential power of an ancient and advanced civilization to back him up.

Zoidberg - Okay, kinda a liability here. But a tough shell and sharp claws if not bought off with a hardboiled egg.

Fry - Hmmm…well, I guess he’s mostly your stereotypical girlfriend-mooching-off-of octopus. But he does seem good with the ship’s roof turret, which automatically makes him more useful than Meg from Family Guy.

Gotta go with Futurama ;).