MilliCal Strikes Again

Another brag thread about my daughter.

Saturday as we were driving in the car she outlined her story about the travels of the Kid Argonauts. It’s actually her version of the Odyssey, but with kids instead of full-grown Greek heroes. She includes variations of all the incidents of Odysseus’ journey (and, yes, we know the Argonauts were different – but she likes the name better). For instance, instead of the land of the Lotus Eaters, they come to the Land of the Ice Cream Eaters, where cones grow on trees.

She’s six!

She won our town’s Halloween Ghost Story contest. Here’s her story, and picture:

Wonderful to see a local kid make good, despite the overcrowding at the Lynnhurst. Congrats!

How did she feel when the Argonauts lost Doug Flutie to the NFL?