Doper Parents: What are your kids going to be for halloween?

…and do you have the costume made yet?? :smiley:
Daughter is going to be a princess (what else, she’s 3) and our boy is going to be the frog (he doesn’t care, he’s not even 1 yet.)

If the timing is right, born. :slight_smile:

Ummm, made? People actually make at home the items you can easily find ridiculously priced and chintzy? J/K

I wish I had the crafty gene, I just don’t. Thus, my 4 y/o boy Bryan will be a knight, complete with shield and sword. My 15 m/o Adam, is going as a Tom Arma skunk that his older brother wore three years ago. I’m thinking this costume thing won’t be so bad since I’ll only have to get one a year, unless I want something special for the “baby”.

My kid (Elliot) is going to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I pieced the costume together over the last couple of months, and it now consists of a blue hooded t-shirt, black [athletic?] pants, harness boots, a black “leather” jacket, and blonde wig. I still need to get a cross necklace and make a stake.

Not a parent, but my nephews are going to be Peter Pan (age 2) and Captain Hook (age 4). They’re really excited.

Um…RSS ? Pretty soon, “baby” will have his own ideas as to what HE wants to be for Halloween. Just saying. (I thought I could recycle all my older son’s costumes as well–not happening here!)
Let’s see: daughter, 16, nothing.

Son, 13–no idea

Son, 7–vampire. I have cut out the cape and “silk” lining, but have yet to stitch a thing. Hmm. Perhaps I need to get busy.

Old Laurels that I want to rest on:

Over the years I have made these costumes: witch, princess, pioneer girl, tree(yes, tree), bag of trick or treat-with candy sewn on, a rook (chess piece), Pikachu, Gandalf, Ewok, jaguar, knight, Lego piece, Harry Potter, pirate, clown, bunny rabbit, cheerleader, cowboy, hippie, and I don’t know what all else.

I love making Halloween costumes (I don’t sew at any other time–I don’t like to sew-just make costumes for my kids).

The vampire is the nastiest one yet–I discouraged the yuckier costumes (and the commercial ones-Pikachu was my only trademark one). YMMV

Our son’s decided that he wants to be a clown this year (he’s five).
Last year, he was Spiderman in a REALLY cool costume we got at a party store. He really DID look like Spiderman!
The year before, he was Bob the Builder; replete with toolbelt, overalls, checkered shirt and hardhat.

Our daughter is going to be a daisy. She’s just turned one.
Say it with me…


Sam is going to be a puppy – specifically, our dog. I made his costume with a white sleeper and brown felt spots, and fashioned ears from felt glued to a little headband. It’s very cute.

My daughter is eight, and she decided several months ago that she wants to be a genie. Very, very cute, but not the warmest costume. I really hope it’s not too cold on Halloween! There’s nothing worse than having to wear a coat over your costume.

My son, who’s six, is going to be a rather petit, but very grim Grim Reaper. Daughter is going to be a queen, but, as is her way, not just any queen. She is a Barbarian Queen, with a tiara, a sword and breast plate, and a silk shirt borrowed from me. I blame Redwall.

This is the first year we bought stuff. We had to have it ready for their school Halloween Carnival on the 22nd. In the past we either improvised or had grandma whip something up. (I’m not crafty that way.) This year, though, my dad has been ill, so grandma didn’t have time.

Well, we’re not kids, but all of my coworkers are dressed as Dalmations today, with out Exec Dir dressed up as Cruella - we look GOOD :smiley: and the kids who come here for therapy are having a blast trick or treating each of our offices.

I love making my kids’ costumes! It’s the only time I get to do something crafty, and the costumes are always better and cheaper than what I could buy. I’ve pulled off some really kick-ass stuff in years past.

This year, my son (9) is going as a caveman. I’m worried he’s going to be cold though…it’s not usually cool at this time of year! He’s wearing an animal print thing that goes over one shoulder, carrying a club, and wearing a necklace of bones. Total cost: less than six bucks.

The girl (14) is going to a party dressed as (and this was her idea) Stevie Nicks. She’s a big fan. Basically, it’s a blonde wig, long black fringy dress, and boots. Total cost: Sixteen bucks for the boots, which she wanted anyway. A friend donated the wig.

My sixteen year old is going with the classic “Pencil Holding Girl” and my 10 month old is going as Roo from Winnie the Pooh.

Picture worth a thousand words…

I like the way someone in your family thinks. Tree? Trick-or-treat bag? I’ve done the chess piece thing, too, but I did a knight. And I’m frankly amazed that it never occured to me to be a Lego piece… That is just pure genius.

My baby will be a fetus this Halloween. He/she has no choice in the matter. I can’t wait until next year when he/she will be about 7 months old and I can put him/her in some cute little outfit. Maybe a cow or a duck.

Better to humiliate them before they have a say in the matter, right? Then we can use the pictures as blackmail when they’re teenagers. :insert eeeeevil smilie:

Why, yes, yes, I am… :wink:

The tree was awesome and she won first prize in her costume contest at school–for most original. It was an oak tree, BTW. She also went one year as a Miss America contestant (complete with tiara)–if you knew her, you would find it funny. She came up with the trick or treat bag costume. It was a soft sculputer jack-o-lantern, stuffed with candy. I have all of them that did not fall apart.

The Lego piece was fun to make. We had a large box that an wet/dry vac had come in. I spraypainted it red after glueing 6 small circular lids onto the front. Cut a hole for his head (and promptly padded it with foam rubber), and two openings for the arms and voila! A walking Lego.

Vampire cape is done, lined with red “silk”. Got a size 8 tuxedo shirt at a thrift store. He’s ready to suuuuck (someone’s) blood! He’s the only vampire I know of that wears glasses(!).

beagledave --she is adorable!

No candy apples for HER, though…

(wish I had a digital camera. wish I knew how to upload/download pics. grumble, grumble)

Depends on what day of the week you ask.

Monday, my kid wanted to be a skeleton.
Tuesday, my kid wanted to be a Power Ranger.
Wednesday, my kid wanted to be Darth Vader.

And it’s strictly buy here, since I’ve got the craft skills of a brained whelk.

We are all pirates. The costumes are done, since we went to an early Halloween party last night. I sewed sashes and vests, bought a sword, hat and two eyepatches, and rummaged around for the rest.

Oddly enough, at the party last night pirates were practically the evening theme. An awful lot of people were pirates! The best costume of the night, however, was Hagrid, played by one of the larger dads in the group. He had this amazing incredible outfit, mostly home-made.

Now I’m trying not to eat any of the Halloween candy sitting in the bowl.