Doper Parents: What are your kids going to be for halloween?



(I dunno what sculputer is)

You know, I think it says a good deal about the types of folks who hang out around here that I unhesitatingly first interpreted this as meaning a fetus constume . You know, little flesh-colored onsie, fake umbilical cord attached to a red satin placenta. That sort of thing.

I certainly wish you all the best, but I have to confess to being a teeny bit disappointed by the reality.

I think my son’s going to be a devil again.

Oh that’s hilarious. I just might use that next year, in your honor. Then when my child is posting on a similar message board sometime in the future and the question is “What was your first Halloween costume?”, he/she can say “I was a fetus. Yeah, my parents were twisted.”.

Yes, I like that. :rubbing chin thoughtfully:

My youngest son’s first Halloween costume was Eeyore . Then the next year was Pooh . Last year, I spent a week in the hospital before Halloween, so no fancy costumes were to be had. I think he wound up wearing a store bought fireman’s costume, since Stonebow was abruptly put in charge of it. This year, though, is going to be weird. Stonebow and I are dressing up as a well known couple from the ancient Greek pantheon, and our son has decreed that he will be…a chicken. I tried so hard to talk him into some little fur pants and a set of horns. sigh

One of the departments in my office did the exact same costume last year, down to the manager dressing up as Cruella. I had to check the date of your post to make sure I wasn’t in an old thread.

My daughter is going as a flesh eating zombie. She’s four… we actually did test run on her makeup tonight… her exact words “I look sooo coool. I need more blood though!” :> So I have to tatter up and dirty a nice white dress it’s getting too cold for and will have outgrown by next summer anyway, buy some dead flowers and do her makeup and use some of mom’s “Graveyard Earth” perfume from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs on her. She’ll be the cutest little brain eater ever.

THIS just in!!

the 13 year old has DECIDED what to be on Halloween (nothing like advance notice, no?)
He is going as, ahem: Gregorio, the Dancing Fairy.

He wants a wand, he already owns a fairy crown (party favor from a Bat Mitzvah) and is going to draw a tutu onto a shirt using pink fabric paint (his idea).
He should look quite a sight!

My son (12) still hasn’t decided between Malcom Reynolds (Firefly) and Neo (Matrix) Mal is cooler, apparently, but I told him he could hairspray his blond hair black for Neo, which is tempting. He’s also afraid if he does Mal, everyone will think he’s Han Solo. He has a point.

The baby (9 months, no 5 months…at least, she *looks *like 5 months. Preemies are a pain with the age thing!) is going to be a little honeybee with a crown, 'cause she’s the Queen Bee! Mommy will also be a bee - a Worker Bee. (I think with a hammer and putty knife, perhaps.) On my head will be the beehive!

LilMiss has a lovely Ren dress that finally fits her just perfectly…

So she’s going to “The Dance” (5th - 7th grade, girls n’ guys, giggling, blushing, bad music) as a punker. What kind of punk? “ugh, Ma, there’s only PUNK punk, geez!” “No, there’s 70’s punk, 80’s punk, anarchist punk, glam rock/punk, modern, IWannaBeGothButAllIGotWasThisStupidTShirt punk…”

So far she’s wearing her fuchia/black Converse, black/fuchia striped knee hi socks over two pair of artfully torn black and fuchia fishnets, black miniskirt, black long sleeved T Shirt under a (you got it) sliced up fuchia tank top. She has the studded collar and bracelets, but I put the kibosh on the studded dog collar complete with chain. Fingernails are the requisite black. I offered to go buy a tattered jean jacket and stud it up/button it to hell, but she passed.

All that’s left is hair and make up. For some reason she still wants me to do her hair like I said I would when she was going ren - tiny ponytails laced together. I suggested obnoxious pigtails with tipped ends or a fauxhawk. I really think she’d look cool with a 'hawk. Tip the ends black. But she’s not sure. I also agreed to do her make up, but again she can’t decide how she wants it.

Ahhh for the days when she dressed up as Sylvester the Cat or a monkey.

This summer we took our kids to see “Wicked” which they loved. We then rented the “Wizard of Oz” which the younger one (nine years old) loved. So, she has decided to go as Dorthy. She borrowed a blue gingham dress from a friend, made a white apron from an old sheet, bought a wicker basket, and bought bright red slippers. One of her stuffed dogs will play the part of Toto.

I have to say she looks great – but no one her age has any idea who is dressing as. The older one is still deciding.

Daughter is going to be a giraffe, which based on the growth charts just makes sense.

The missus found a costume on EBay that consists of orange sweatpants and an orange hooded sweatshirt with black eyes/nose/mouth. In other words, my three-year-old son is going as a jack-o-lantern. With the added bonus of being VERY visible in traffic.

The six-month-old daughter is getting dressed up in an Anne Geddes-styled peapod costume.

Nine year olds don’t know Dorothy anymore? What’s the world coming to?

Do chickens have lips? Why, yes, they do.

I saw two Dorothies under age 12 at a costume contest last weekend. So there is hope.

My daughter is going as a pretty witch and my son is Batman[sup]TM[/sup]

My daughter was Dorothy about 4 years ago. Most of the other 4 years olds knew who she was supposed to be.

MilliCal is going as The Tornado from the Wizard of Oz.

She thought this one up herself – she’s a grey funnel-shaped windstorm, with little pipe-cleaner versions of Miss Gulch, the Wicked Witch of the West, the guys in the Rowboat, the Chicken Coop, Toto, and a House with Dorothy in it, all stuck on at various points. Pepper Mill and I designed it, Pepper Made the bulk of it, and MilliCal made some pipecleaner things.

She wore it for the first time today to the school Halloween party. I’m anxious to see how it went over.

Last year she was a Rock Star – A big person-sized five pointed star made out of fabric treated to look like rock. Again, her idea, although Pepper Mill got stuck making it.
Pepper’s sewing machine has been down for years. We’re gonna have to get her a new one if this keeps up.

There were several Dorothies at our elementary school Halloween carnival, so I guess there’s hope.