Doper Parents: What's your kid gonna be for Halloween?

My mudgirl decided she wants to be a red-kneed tarantula for Halloween. It took me a while to figure out how to pull off the costume, but once I puzzled out the “how”, the actual doing was easy!

So, what’s your kid gonna be?

A mail carrier. He’s two-and-a-half and insisted that’s what he wanted to be. (He loves our mail carrier; She brings him Dum Dums.) Everyone at the post office wants us to stop by for extra treats on Halloween. :slight_smile:

2-year-old: Pirate.

5-year-old: Pirate.

7-year-old: Front-loading washing machine.

She is going to be a lady bug. She has been walking for two weeks now so it will be fun for her to walk down the street with her costume on with wings.

5 year old boy: Bionicle

7 year old girl: mermaid

9 year old boy: alien

12 year old boy: A box of goldfish crackers

9yo: Harriet Potter. She has dark hair and glasses anyway, she will be adorable.

6yo: Hermione. She totally has the hair.

They’re wearing old graduation robes with Gryffindor badges and carrying stuffed animals and wands (sticks). I spent $4. Yay!

13 year old boy: MJ’s son Blanket, or whatever’s cheap and available at the costume store Saturday.

I used to make the kids’ costumes myself and put in lots of thought, but they’re getting too old now. (The girl’s eighteenth birthday is today).

Happy first adult birthday to Dung Beetle’s daughter!
Yeah, my older girls have been on their own, more or less, since they were about 15. My 18YO is going to a club with some friends, they’re all dressing as Alice in Wonderland characters. My daughter is going to be the Queen of Hearts.

My wife made an adorable squirrel outfit for our little girl.

My three year old is gonna be Superman - its the first costume he ever picked himself! My ten year old is going to be Dr Horrible. I am going to be Captain Hammer whilst escorting them on their trick-or-treating escapades!

7 year old- gladiator

10 year old- commando

There are lots of pirates here. My son is joining the ranks, too. I haven’t been able to pry him out of that pirate costume for the past two weeks.

I’m trying to teach the 2-year-old to say “Trick ARRRRRR treat” but so far am not making much progress.

My 9-month-old is going to be a Buffalo Bills cheerleader. She had the outfit since her baby shower, so I didn’t have to do anything special. Which is fine, since all she’s going to do is hang out on the front porch for about 30 minutes helping her dad and grandma pass out candy. I was considering cutting eye holes in a paper lunch bag for some of the pictures we’ll take.

Can you tell I’m a disgruntled Bills fan?

My 6-month old girl will be wearing skeleton footie pajamas!

What a peculiar use of the word “adult”! But thank you. :smiley:

Did you make it? That is cracking me up. What 7 year old would dream that up? Ha! That is so cool and funny.

Halloween is the only ‘holiday’ we celebrate in my household, so we really go all out!

My daughter and husband chose to be demons. They have all black outfits with these shiney demon masks that are so freakin’ cool. Hers is red, his is silver.

I am so excited. I know they are going to come home with multiple bookbags filled with chocolate!

The two things adults fear the most.

11 year old son: Death.
10 year old daughter: Taxes. Complete with briefcase and 1040s to hand out.

Your 7 year old owes me a new keyboard. :smiley:

Yes! I seriously was pushing for the whole pirate theme, too, and he was like, “No! I want to be a washing machine!” It had to be front-loading because he wanted to have a door that would open, so people could put candy inside. Unfortunately our engineering skills weren’t up to this challenge, so instead we went with a “soap dispenser” which is actually a cardboard tube. People put candy in the top, and it falls down into the candy bag, attached to the bottom. The soap dispenser has been deemed acceptable, so we are good to go.

Edit: This was probably obvious, but just to clarify, the “soap dispenser” tube is attached to the side of the washing machine. It’s not, like, the main costume. :slight_smile: