Doper Parents: What's your kid gonna be for Halloween?

I hope it’s obvious that I meant the word ‘adult’ in the sense that, at 18, she’s legally an adult! :wink:

We made a spider outfit for our little one:

Yes, but even she thinks that’s absurd. I don’t think this little bird will be leaving the nest too soon…

The Firebug is going to be a turtle. (He’s only 2; he’ll be happy with that.) My wife finished up the costume earlier today.

Another baby skellington here!
4 month-old irishbaby will be wearing a store-bought skeleton suit.


:wonders if there’s time to conjure up a “Bad Horse” costume:

Reminds me of the year I carved a mathematical formula into our jack o’ lantern. I figured it would scare the crap out of the kids!

6 year old - Indiana Jones (with whip)

8 year old - Packer fan (with cheese head)

Hopefully, my children will remain non-existent this year. Otherwise, it will be the scariest Halloween ever.

8-year old: A knight.

10-year old: Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. I tried to convince (unsuccessfully) my wife that we should go as Maggie and Brain to complement his outfit.

At 2, my son was a fireman

At 3, Thomas the Tank Engine

At 4, a ghost

At 5, a pirate

This year, a vampire (I have no idea where he even learned what a vampire is).

Let’s see:
Eldest - Betsy Ross
Middle - Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes
Youngest - Jelly (don’t ask. I understand a friend will be PB)

Oh yeah, ages 21, 20, and 18. Halloween is pretty much the high holiday of the Dinsdale clan.

4 year old - an M&M
8 year old - ninja
14 year old - God’s gift to women (Dressed as a present with a tag saying “To: Women From: God”)
16 year old - Michael Jackson today (Skeleton costume with sunglasses and one sequened glove)

3 year old - Sleeping Beauty

7 year old - one of many pirates, apparently.

Sleeping Beauty was so not my idea and it took us lots of driving and three stores to find exactly what she wanted, but she’s soooooooo happy with it that it’s worth it.

One year I did a winky emoticon in our pumpkin. I made a box look like a computer monitor. It won third place in our pumpkin contest!

A couple of years ago, our daughter was a witch doctor. She wore the stereotypical witch costume, but carried a doctor bag and wore a stethoscope. She came up with it. I thought it was totally cool - nobody got it!


I used to love making the kids’ costumes and now they just want to get store-bought ones like their friends have. Boy (5) is going to be Thomas the Tank Engine and Girl (7) is going to be a Red Power Ranger.

If I were going to a Halloween party (I was invited to 2, but they are both on Halloween itself and I can’t pull that off), I was going to be Junie B. Jones.

5 year old: green octopus

3 year old: purple octopus

I made the costumes from oversized sweatshirts (not my own idea - I got it from Family Fun magazine). They turned out pretty well, with not too much effort. Much better than last year, when I spent about 10 hours painting spots on the dalmatian costumes!

9-year old - a Dementor

Personally, I like the challenge of figuring out how to make a particular costume work! I was disappointed in myself this year, because mudgirl originally wanted to be a Ball Python (snake) and I just couldn’t figure out how to do the costume! Then she reverted to being the red-kneed tarantula she was last year.

Well, fortunately (for me) I already figured that out last year, so I know what to do this year. Fortunately for her, it won her an “originality” prize in every costume contest she entered last year!

Unfortunately for her, she’s sick right now with a sinus infection. So she’s already missed the costume contest at the local supermarket (which happened earlier this evening); hopefully, she’ll be feeling well enough by Saturday to go to bowling league (in costume; prizes given) and trick-or-treating!