MilliCal went to the Ballet tonight

A friend had an extra ticket, so she went to see Balanchine’s A Midsummer night’s Dream, with Mendelssohn’s music. There weren’t any spare tickets for her parents, so we’re home tonight.
A Broadway plat two weeks ago, now this. She’s getting exposed to Culture.

When she was little, she put on a production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream using her puppets and a stage she made out of a cardboard box. I photocopied my Classics Illustrated comic version of it to give her a nicely abridged version, and as a guide to the action. But the whole thing was her idea.
I’m curious to hear her reactions. I don’t know how she feels about ballet. I am, myself, handicapped in this regard. Other people are color-blind or tone-deaf. I am ballet-unappreciative. I could sit through unabridged Shakespeare or Wagnerian opera, but ballet leaves me cold.

MilliCal has returned, and pronounced the ballet

She and her friend got to go onstage afterwards, the fruit of knowing someone involved in the show. She said that the plot came back to her from her long-ago puppet play, and she explained it to her friend.

Well, that works, at least she didn’t outright hate it =)