million Marijuana March

Yesterday, in downtown Cleveland, ther was a gathering of pro-pot people.
We went thru downtown to go somewhere, so we walked through the crowd (which was only about 1,000 at most).
Lotsa old hippies, young ones too.
I left after my son said, something stinks.
I didn’t want him breathing shms.
I don’t advocate smoking marijuana simply because all smoke is bad for your lungs.
How many dopers here smoke it?

hehehe, “dopers”…

I used to like it, but it got old IMO. Haven’t had a toke in probably four years.

I used to smoke pot like it was my damn job, but I quit a while ago because all it did was make me eat and then go to sleep. I’m not anti-pot by any means - I think it’s the least harmless of any drug (but I don’t want to hijack this into a GD) - but I don’t do it anymore.

Never could roll a decent joint, but I could (probably still can) make a bong out of damn near anything.


I smoke very rarely… Usually I just eat it (also rarely, like once a month). Cook up some brownies, cookies, tacos, garlic bread, etc. Although going to school here in Ann Arbor, MI, home of the annual Hash Bash, is starting to worry me about undocumented side effects. Most of the people who come here for Hash Bash seem to share many traits with the homeless people who are here year round. I don’t get these Pot Movements. I feel like there are many more important things to be protesting than legalizing a drug that for most people is purely recreational.


Another retired pot smoker here. Never had any horrid experiences to turn me off it, just enjoyed it less and less over time until it was no longer part of my present life.

A few times a year at family gatherings. Enjoy the buzz but being a good grandpa comes first.

I was a daily smoker for probably nine years, but have pretty much given it up now. It just wasn’t as much fun after a while (paranoia, anxiety attacks, etc.) It’s just too strong nowadays.

Having said that, I usually keep some in the house for medicinal purposes and special occasions.

I haven’t smoked in a few years, and even then it was an occasional thing. Back when I was younger though, it was, if not daily, regular use. I just kinda faded out of using it though. No real reason, just got bored with it.

I have freinds who still smoke it, and its not a big deal. Hell, they spend less on weed then I do on cigarettes these days.

Used to smoke joints like they were cigarettes. (age 14-27)
Quit completely for about 5 years.
Since then, I’ve taken a hit now and then.

I agree, all smoke is bad for one’s lungs.

But I consider pot less dangerous than most drugs, including tobacco.

still smoking the legal poison,

Getting even 1000 potheads motivated to do anything is pretty impressive. :slight_smile:

For the record I smoke a fair amount, about three times a week. Most of my hanging out group smokes 3 times a day so I’m moderate in comparison. Mostly 26-34 or so professional types teachers, lawyers, IT guys, engineers so not really what most people expect, but damn common in Colorado(we’re all heavy smokers of regular cigs too which is less common). I think it’s absurd for it to be illegal but I agree that its not the most important battle that needs to be fought, so I’ve never been much of an activist. It’s really just so hastle free,( I’ve smoked in public in lots of cities in Colorado and never had a problem so) that the fight seems to be pointless.

Yeah the smoke thing isn’t great, but on the other hand I just got back from a camping trip with that group where we hiked 6 miles to 11,000 feet, did a 4:20 with 10 seperate bowls for 14 people(hehe the sound of that many lighters echoed for down the valley for miles so I’m pretty sure everybody knew what we were doing) then hiked back down. So I guess our lungs arn’t that bad off.

I smoked a bit when I was 3 and 4, copying my parents and all. But I wisely quit when I started kindergarten, didn’t want to muck up my grades. Have tried it a few times after high school. But the last time I had a horrible reaction, my throat tightened up and I couldn’t breath out after the hit. The smoke stayed in my lungs and when I finally forced it out everything was extremely swimmy. I mean things were moving back and forth. Having took a toke since. That was maybe 3 yeas ago.

P.S. I have a really bad memory now.


Your pot is too strong? I’ll give you an address(and postage) where you can send that nasty old stuff. Wouldn’t want you to get too high. Inappropriate laughing can be hazardous to your health and make people look askance at you.

Truthfully, my sources, like my friendships, have dried up over the years or I would smoke more than I do. I imbibe rarely now, but I like to have a number or two for special occasions

I like it. It is fun. I smoke a small amount a few times a week (I average about 1 gram a month). I like the slightly relaxed feeling it gives me. Occasionally with friends I’ll get baked like Marley, but only occasionally.

Good stuff, but one needs to keep it in perspective. Some other things are worse, many other things are better. Reality comes first, altered-reality comes second.


My sister and I may well be the world’s only baby boomers who never once smoked pot (which is why I laugh when I hear that “EVERYONE smoked pot in the Seventies!”). Neither of us had any huge moral objection to it—but we grew up breathing our father’s cigarette smoke, so neither of us ever wanted to put any kind of cigarette in our mouths . . . My sister did accidentally eat half a pot brownie at a party once, and threw up. “That was my only Drug Experience,” she says.

As far as hanging out with pot-smokers, I find that pot makes even the wittiest people kinda dull and sophomoric . . .

I don’t touch the stuff. I used to smoke a lot. I hate it now.

I think this is why pot is still illegal. Smokers just don’t get to the polls very often. “What? It was yesterday? damn, man, missed it again… I thought it was super Wednesday.”

[sub]OK, I know, I stole that from Bill Maher[/sub]

As for me, I smoked a lot of pot in high school and college (several times a day), but have since given it up for the most part. It wasn’t a conscious decision, I just got bored with it after a while. I still toke every now and then, but it’s only once every couple of months.

I don’t smoke, but I really love the smell. It brings back warm and fuzzy memories of…um, Christmas. When I was little, my mom’s family used to sit around the dining room table on holidays, smoke up, gossip, and scarf cookies. I may be the only person who thinks of her grandmother when she smells weed.

According to the Toronto Star:

ageless6: I live in Winnipeg.