Is pot overrated?

I think it is.

I remember back in the day, late '60s, how so many were making a big deal out of it, saying stuff like, “It’s so dangerously addictive because it’s so wonderful.” But when me and my pals got around to it, '71, I found it to be more psychologically addictive than anything else.

Now-a-days a lot is being made about it being made legal in some states, and I guess that’s pretty amazing and when it gets legal where I’m at I’ll no doubt give it another shot or two just for the heck of it.

I found a big bud in a container some months back and basically only ended up coughing my lungs out for three weeks following smoking the stuff. It wasn’t worth it.

I think if it’s some type of psychedelic-slash-mystical experience that people want in their lives they should look into lucid dreaming, as the pot is basically a lame thing with all of its aspects of paranoia and mental confusion and tunnel vision and waste of time and money and such.

That’s my two-cents.:rolleyes:

If you don’t like smoking it you can always make some cannabutter.

I like beer. I like vodka. I like chateaubriand. I fucking love cannabis.

I am hoping that my state (Maryland) will enact full legalization before my retirement date at the end of 2020 so I can spend my golden years growing and indulging.

There is a LOT going on in the cannabis plant. Making it legal will give way to more research. There are a lot of potential uses for it, and we haven’t barely scratched the surface.

Dibbs You found a bud in a container? So this was some old stuff that you had? From the 70’s??

OK - bad place to admit this maybe - but I liked the buzz from vodka or whiskey more than I did pot. I smoke cigars and inhale so its not the smoke thing; I guess I’m just more a drinker than I am a smoker. Make it legal and with the growing and all, I would possibly play with it some but I would be very low-use recreational at the very most.

Oh, I prefer a few beers myself. Now that it’s legal where I live, it’s just not a big deal. Well, I guess it is for some, and quite the money maker.

What I would like to grow is a decent tomato.

I’ve never liked alcohol. I don’t like the taste, I don’t like the internal taste*, I don’t like being drunk.

Pot on the other hand is totally awesome for me.

Your mileage may vary, and things affect different people in different ways.

  • I can ‘taste’ things in my blood stream, believe it or not.

Sure that’s not the pot talking? :smiley:

I don’t recall anything about marijuana being all that great in the past. It was considered bad because it was illegal, and sinful because God only approves of alcohol, or some such nonsense. Weed now is incredible! The last time I smoked I couldn’t believe how high I got from just a couple of tokes. The guys tell me only highly potent medical marijuana is available, if you want that old fashioned Mexican dirt weed you’d have to go looking for it.

I’ve always felt it was overrated, because I don’t enjoy the effects. And I’ve given it plenty of chances. :slight_smile:

Some of the people I know who smoke it…well, I wonder if it would lose a lot of its cachet with them if it were legal and nobody minded it.

I use very small amounts but use it frequently, about 1/4 oz in 6 months. I find a couple of small hits daily really opens up a part of my personality that I have always struggled to reach into. If I go over that small amount or use it more than once a day the effects are mostly lost.

Ocassionaly I will catch myself rambling but it tends to be harmelss so I live with it.

That’s me too. It makes me antisocial and somewhat paranoid. Not the feelings I want to have at a party. It’s the anti-booze for me, really. But I have no issues with anyone else using it. It’s just not for me.

Eating weed can be dangerous

And dilutional hyponatremia can kill you if you drink too much water. Dose is the key.

Over the years I’ve consumed a huge amount of cannabis. Mmmmmmmmmm.:cool:

…because people misuse it. In that respect, you can replace “weed” with anything.

I tried pot twice and didn’t like it. I didn’t get paranoid or anything, I just didn’t like the sensation of not being in control of myself.

To each their own, I guess, but it never did much for me–plus it’s a waste of money I could be spending on books. :slight_smile:

I have a lot of buddies that smoke weed and without exception I feel like they misuse it. Most of the guys I know that are retired tend to toke on it all throughout the day and spend quite a bit of money on it. They seem immune to it to some degree. They get a little bit of a rush when they first smoke it and then it deteriorates quickly.

My experience tells me that unlike alcohol less is actually more when you are talking about effectiveness.

Smoking weed makes me feel stupid and sleepy, so I stopped smoking it decades ago. Once in a blue moon, I’ll try it, mostly 'cause someone tells me the weed today is very different from the weed back in the 70s. Nope, still makes me feel stupid and sleepy. For me, it’s definitely overrated.

To each their own.

No. I found it in, of all things, a Burst gum container that I saw on the floor of a business establishment and so, on a hunch, had to open it…:o

You smoked some stuff you found on the floor somewhere, and it wasn’t very good? I’m not sure that’s really an adequate basis for judgment:

‘fine wines are overrated: why, a street person left some unidentified stuff with alcohol in it in a glass coke bottle, and I picked it up off the floor and drank it - I didn’t stop puking for a week’ :smiley: