Millionaire....the old TV Show

The subject came up recently, as a result of the ABC show that’s been going on. In the old show, a $1 million dollar check from John Beresford Tipton was delivered by a man, with specific rules, to various individuals. We were trying to remember the delivery man’s name, and what the rules were. Anyone remember this show…or can anyone direct me to a URL? (Oh, and does anyone remember whether or not the “delivery man” later played Charlie Chan and when?)

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According to The Complete Directory to Prime TIme, Network and Cable TV Shows, the delivery man was Tipton’s secretary, Michael Anthony - played by Marvin Miller. The only rule was that the recipient of the check was not allowed to reveal where he/she got the money (except to a spouse) or to attempt to learn the identity of the Millionaire.

At the Internet Movie Data Base - which also has info on a lot of TV shows - it says the show was directed by no less than Robert Altman.

A brief look at the career of Miller didn’t turn up any appearances as Charlie Chan - he seems to have done a lot of voiceover and cartoon work. But maybe I just missed seeing it.,+Marvin+(I)

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IIRC, Charlie Chan was played by several actors. The most well-known would be Sidney Toler and Warner Oland, but I think a bunch of other men portrayed him, too. I seem to recall Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff! No, that can’t be right…guess I better look at the site given by aseymayo. - Nope! Peter Lorre was too whiney and Boris Karloff was too tall, I guess. Besides, with those sticking out of his neck…

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Peter Lorre portrayed Mr. Moto. Karloff played Mr. Wong. Both were attempts to cash in on the “Chan” success.

Mr. Moto was a wrestler in the 50’s and 60’s. He was played by Mr. Moto. :slight_smile:
He used to shoot pool with his cronies in my uncle’s favorite bowling alley.

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Mazey, I suspect what you are thinking of was a ‘guest appearance’ Marvin Miller made on some show in the 60’s where he played a ‘nefarious Chinaman’ ala Fu Manchu. I believe it may have been an episode of “The Wild Wild West”.

Or, you may be thinking of the short-lived series “Khan!”, which starred Khigh Deigh (sp?), who gained notice by playing the recurrent Communist Chinese spymaster Wo Fat on “Hawaii Five-Oh”. He also portrayed a Chan-like role in a tv-movie set in dynastic China where he played a judge with decidedly ‘modern’ attitudes about justice, the education of women (his character had only daughters, I believe), etc.

Tel me if I’m wrong, but the one episode I remember has Michael Anthony going to a bank officer (the sneeky doctor from Lost in Space???) and requesting a loan or requesting the bank to cash a check without him having proper ID. The bank officer eyes him head to foot and approves the transaction. When questioned by Michael Anthony as to why the officer approved the tranaction, the officer informs him that he mentally tallied the value of his clothes and that the value convinced him that he was a man of means.
Can anyone confirm this episode?

I don’t remember the episode of the banker, but I do recall an episode when Michael Anthony tried to give the 1MM away, and couldn’t. Does anyone else remember one like this?

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