Milwaukee, anyone?

OK, I might have this trip to Milwaukee coming up. If you have any knowledge of this town, I’d like some restaurant advice. Here are the things that are important to me: cheese fries and t-shirts. It doesn’t have to have both, but any suggestion that lacks either is a waste of time for me (except for the stuff noted below). Sounds strange, but I’m a t-shirt collector and a cheese-fries aficionado, and any time I’m in a new restaurant, that’s the first thing I look for on a menu (which drives my GF crazy to no end).

Now, the other restaurant things I’d like some info on: I’ve heard of a local delicacy described as “fried cheese curds,” and the cultural ritual known as the “Friday Fish Fry.” So if you have any thoughts or recommendations on those, feel free to give a shout.

While I am sure it is possible to find fried cheese curds in Milwaukee, it is generally found more often in the smaller cities like Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Neenah, and Menasha. All of which are about two hours North of Milwaukee.

When you’re in Milwaukee, there is an amazing German restaurant downtown… I can’t remember the name, but it wasn’t far from the Grand Avenue Mall on Wisconsin Ave.

For T-Shirts, go to Tie Me Down on Downer if it is still there.

Hey, I hope to see ya here.

I not being a great fan of cheese myself only can go on second hand info. Mel’s diner has good cheese fries. You will find that on S.27th street, right by St.Lukes Hospital. While you are there, make sure to head across the street to Leon’s frozen custard, the best place for it in the world… possibly beyond. It is the place that the TV show Happy Days was based off of and it is featured in the opening sequence. There are quite a few darn good places for a Friday night fish fry. The restaraunt Hastur wrote of is one good one it is called Mader’s, and it features some damn fine fish. It is a little pricey though, so if you would like somthing cheaper Serb Hall over on Oaklahoma, or quite a few other places I could rattle off ifin you are interested. As for T-shirts, Tie Me Down on Brady is still there, and the Milwaukee store in SouthRidge mall or the Grand Ave. Mall is a good place. If you want directions of more suggestions let me know, you can email me too.

When are you going to mosey on this way? Depending on the time, you might just hit some good festivals where music and beer and cheese are in great abundance.

  1. Bratwurst. You cannot visit Wisconsin in summer without eating bratwurst. It is simply not allowed.

  2. Leinenkugel’s beer.

Check out Milwaukee, (and surrounding environs) on the Web. Also check the Wisconsin Dept of Tourism websites. If time permits, there are many places to check out. A few: Experimental Aircraft Association Museum (Oshkosh), Harley-Davidson (I believe they also have a museum), Milwaukee Public Zoo, etc. If you like to bicycle, Wisconsin is loaded with bike trails.