Milwaukee area Dopers - Dopefest?

This summer I will find myself cutting a large swath across our great country’s heartland – including my childhood home of Milwaukee (Yay!). :slight_smile:

I would relish the opportunity to meet and greet (and have a beer with) some fellow Dopers…anyone up for it?

I will probably be arriving in Milwaukee on Wednesday, July 5, and push onward Saturday, July 8. Friday the 6th I may be a Summerfest all day (I’m sooo looking forward to that), so Wednesday or Thursday evenings would probably be best.

As far as where we meet, I will leave that up to you all…although I may have my boys with me so a kid-friendly place would be appreciated.

I look forward to this…


I’ll be at S-Fest for most of that time also.

Happy to buy you a beer, even at Fest prices.

When are you going to be there? How expensive are those beers anyway?

Anyone else interested in getting together to swap lies…er…stories?

Let’s give this a little bump and see if we can generate some more interest.