Wisconsin Dopers -- Minifest?

I don’t know, whatd’ya think? Sledman and I are already here in Stevens Point, ChiefWahoo will be in town next weekend. That’s three. Anyone else in the area? I’ll send Bottle of Smoke an e-mail and see if he’s able.

BTW, other than those mentioned in the OP, who else is from WI?

I’m from WI, Hayward to be exact.

Don’t think I can get to Stevens Point next weekend, but I’m all for the idea some other time.

Anyone else?

I’m in Door County, though I doubt next weekend is doable I would be interested in one in the future.

Hey Thrashbarg and Skarecrow, good to see some more Wisconsin dopers. Yeah, I guess a week is a little on the short-notice side. We should try to plan something for Spring or Summer perhaps.

I’ve been tossing the idea of a WI dopefest around my head lately. Maybe summertime in Madison? No rush yet, hay tiempo

I know pkbites and Qadgop the Mercotan are somewhere in the Milwaukee area. Myron Van Horowitzki is a Wisconsonian and I know there are more. It’s short notice, but if you can make it to Point this weekend I give you the gold Wahoo guarantee of a good time.

ChiefWahoo - when are you coming in to town? Is the first destination Partner’s?

I should be in Point around 8:00pm on Fri. I usually start my Point weekends at Ella’s, but I could be convinced to go to Partner’s. I’ll leave it up to the hometown boys.

I’ll see what Sledman thinks. He’s in the Twin Cities right now though. Hmm, I haven’t been to Ella’s in ages…

I just signed and on and read the post. I live in WI, too, in Eau Claire.

I wouldn’t have made it to the get together anyway. :frowning:

Hey MaryAnnQ!! Yeah, like I said, probably short notice. We’ll have to work on a Summer Dopefest though!

Lunatic13 needs to check in on this thread too.

Rassafrassa &*&^^#@^%*&#*^

I think I would miss the Point Dopefest anyway. Go away for a weekend of ice fishing and excessive drinking with a college buddy in Minnesota come back late today and what should I find awaiting me on my answering machine.

Wow…How did you guys know it was a message from work saying I fly out to the state of Washington tomorrow and won’t fly back till saturday night. WTF!!! I am tired and my brain is probably in need of 2 days of recovery time. And no big deal it is just a blockbuster deal our company is trying to win. No pressure!!

Sorry needed to vent…

Anyway I think a summer gathering may be in order. Maybe I can make a Saturday night gathering this weekend also. Keep me or the wife posted Gazoo!!

Im in WI too, the Milwaukee area. Next weekend wont work , but Im up for some planning ahead~!

I think summer in Mad town sounds good.

I live in Madison!

Cool, we almost have a full gaggle of Wisconsin Dopers so far. Let’s look for sometime in the summer. Madison?

Another Madison-area resident checking in. If it is not beyond my bounds as a sporadic poster (and if it is, I’ll leave it up to the veterans), I would nominate the Union Terrace as a spot to meet. You can’t beat the terrace in the summer for any kind of gathering.

Well, if we go with Madison, I’ll let the locals come to a concensus on locale. I haven’t been out in Madison for probably 10 years or so, so I don’t think I’d be of much help.

Hey, I’m in! Madison, for sure, this summer. Although Point is nice too, and we often pass by there on our way up to the NortWoods.

So what’s the story for this weekend? I’ll probably be at Ella’s around 16 hours a day, whenever I’m not out trying to kill myself on the rugby field.