Mind Boggling

I am sitting here sorting my pills int the pill box for the week.

This little green beauty is a YEARS worth of vitamin d [more or less] for a normal person. I paid a $9 US copay for 12 doses.

The mind boggles. The phrase ‘better Living through Modern Chemistry’ is frequently used as a joke, usually referring to recreational pharmaceuticals. But this little beauty will help me prevent a hole slew of health issues. Just think of all the little chemicals we consume that they did not have 100 years ago and how they make life better. Certainly I could live with osteoporosis, but I would have brittle bones, and my spine and bones would deteriorate and I would be in danger of breaking a bone if I sat down too hard. Modern vitamins allow a pregnant woman to keep all her teeth [it was an old wives tale that you lose a tooth per child, the body getting the calcium to make its bones wherever it could] and have a healthy child [folic acid aids in the development of the neurologic system] and fight off defficiency diseases like scurvy, beri beri, pellegra and ricketts.