Mind-mapping, link-displaying software

Teeming Millions, I’m hoping you can help me out yet again.

I’m looking for software that will explore all of the links on a page, and all of the links on those pages, etc. and return me a diagram (mind map or Visio style) of all of the interconnections.

I realize this could be huge (I don’t want to map the whole web!), but I’m thinking of a collection of 500 or so pages.

If this web scraping utility isn’t available, is there any software that will create the map/diagram if I create the list of pages/links?

Thank you!

Suggested reading: Let Visio map your Web site for you .

It’s become a bit difficult to find this kind of subject nowadays, because the words “web” and “map” conjure up tons of references to MapQuest, Google maps, etc.

Try this. It’s called Web Reaper. It’s a “page ripper”, which is software for downloading an entire website to make a locally browsable copy, but it has settings that allow you to just “map” the site, and sites linked from it, to a predetermined number of links from the first. I’m not quite clear on what you are trying to do, exactly, but this may be able to do it, depending on how accurate my mental picture of your goal is.

Thank you, both! Those links were both quite helpful.

I had no idea Visio could do such a thing, which means I haven’t used it as much as I should.

I’m off to experiment in the morning.