Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory

Why is US news always more interesting than ours? This from the Independent On Sunday:

*An American woman died last week when she thought that she saw Jesus by the roadside amid people ascending into heaven. She went into a religious rapture and hurled herself through the sunroof of her husband’s car as they drove along.

In fact she had seen Ernie Jenkins on the way to a party dressed as Jesus. His disciples, 12 helium-filled sex dolls, had come loose from their moorings in his truck and drifted skywards.*
I am curious to know whether any contributors to these forums have undergone similar quasi-religious experiences, only to find that the truth was somwhat more mundane.

If 12 helium-filled sex dolls can be described as mundane, that is.


Get laid and get to speak in a squeaky voice? That would be a religious experience indeed.

The Snopes details.

How funny would that be if it were true? I can just picture her running out in the field, jumping around screaming, “Take me! Take me, Lord! You’re forgetting me! You’re forgetting…” “Martha, get back in the car. You’re not going anywhere.”

Talk about a bummer!
[sub]…and that carpet really tied the room together…[/sub]

My old pastor’s wife said that she once woke up as a little girl at home with the flu while her whole family had gone out. She thought the rapture had happened.

I’ve never done anything like that but while learning to walk in the spirit I’ve often found myself reading daily devotionals as if they were horoscopes, because hey, God must have a reason for my reading that devotional today, right? So a devotional on finding joy even in tragedy leads me to spend the whole day under my bed waiting for the tragedy to happen to someone else.

The moral: you can’t out-think God. This is not a game of chess. The polar bears will still get you, even under the bed… :wink: