"Mini Cooper" is this car worth 18,000?

It seems like a lot of bread for this tiny mo-fo, though it’s cool looking and all, it’s still a tiny econo-box. So tell me teeming millions, would you shell out 18G’s for one?

Cars in the same category and price range

Well, it’s got great handling characteristics, it looks neat, and it’s build by BMW. Plus, it’s retro-looking, which means at least 2K extra.

No, it’s not worth its money. But it IS a fun car.

Wow, i’d take every single car on the list at that link over the mini with the exception of the beetle and the insight. no way in hell i’d pay 18k for that when i could have an RSX, SS, or a Celica GTS for the same price.

I read an article about the BMW Mini a couple of months ago. The opinion of the author was that it’s a nice little car, but doesn’t have the “soul” of the Cooper Mini. Specifically the author mentioned that the new version doesn’t have the “go-kart-like handling” of the original, which apparently was one of the major factors that made the original so popular.

I like the looks of the original. The new one looks less like a Cooper and more like a BMW. The original was a tiny efficient car that didn’t cost a lot. Emphasis on “didn’t cost a lot”. BMW seems less concerned with the spirit of the Cooper Mini and more concerned with cashing in on the retro craze.

I haven’t driven a BMW Mini, but I have driven a New Beetle. Comparing what I’ve read about the BMW Mini with my experience in the New Beetle, I’d choose the New Beetle.

Ok, after hearing that, i wouldn’t even pay $3000 for one unless i intended to sell it.

Wait a few months and get a BMW 1 series. They look gorgeous. The new Nissan Micra is looking good too. Both are cheaper.

Personally, I recommend the Toyota Celica Compact GT-S 2dr Hatchback. I currently drive a 1988 Toyota Celica GT-S that still is reliable and fun to drive. The GT-S is definitely geared toward performance, with quick steering, reasonable power, excellent braking, and a stiff suspension.

If I had the spare cash to spend on a car I would seldom drive (the safety issue), yes I would get a Mini Cooper!

A friend of mine had an original Morris Mini, which he fixed up and turned into a race car (yes, people race them!). It was the coolest.

How much extra is it to put the Union Jack on the roof? About $1000?

I would love a MINI Cooper S.

But BMW can kiss my ass if they think I’d cough up 5K for a “market premium” or whatever they’re calling it in their expectation of great trendy demand for the car. The one I looked at in Concord was going for $28K–definitely in violation of the original MINI spirit.

The new Mini isnt even a small car. The wheels are too big, it is too wide, too tall, too long and to be honest I think it looks pretty ugly.