Mini Cooper stalls while driving

My girlfriend’s 2003 mini cooper, which is about 7 months old stalls for seemingly no reason while driving, usually in not so good areas of Dallas. Luckily it has always restarts after a few minutes on the side of the road. Her dealer says the can’t do anything because the car is perfectly fine every time she takes it in and they can’t reproduce it.

Has anyone here heard of this type of problem with Mini. If the dealer can’t fix the problem, what are hew options?

Not familier with the mini, but I once dealt with a car which only had symptoms at the time of the failure. The problem was the crank sensor. Never threw a code, before, during or after the stalling of the engine. It just intermintently failed. Just a thought, as I do not know if the minis have a crank sensor. Good luck.

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Good luck!

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