Mini-Dopefest near Boston April 12th at 6:30PM in Framingham

Laughing Lagomorph and I will be at the John Harvard’s in Framingham. This is right on route 9:
Shoppers World
One Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701

I think this is one of the large Malls on Rt 9 but Laughing Lagomorph can verify that.

So if you can make it, please post and we will figure out how to meet up at the place.

I’ve been there – it’s an appropriate place, but it’s literally hidden away in a corner at Shopper’s World (which is a non-enclosed mall). It’s at the angle where two strips of the mall come together at right angles. There’s a sign, but I could see people missing it. It’s at the end opposite the Barnes and Noble megastore.

I’d like to come – something came up in February that prevented my attending the last Dopefest.

That is some great information and I hope you can make it. I missed you the last time I was up that way.

Note: Concurrent thread on other board.

I’ll put in in my calendar. As it sneaks up I’ll let everyone if there is a reason I can’t make it.

From the “Best Day” part of the Farmer’s Almanac:

April twelfth is looking good.

If I’m castrating my animals that day, I won’t have time to go drinking.

Surely you can delegate that chore to your hands?

Dammit! This is twice in a row I’ll miss you, Jim.

Ironically, I’ll be in New York.

I know right where that is and used to go there for their brew samplers. Sadly, I now live in Charlotte and won’t be able to attend.

Drink one for me!

I’ll be sure to have a manhattan.

Only if you wear pink & black fishnet stockings . . .

Why do you think I’m going to New York in the first place?

I can’t get away with wearing something like that in Boston. People will think I’m a

Yankee’s fan.

Yankee’s fans don’t have that much class.


So Monday April 12th at 6:30PM in Framingham is approaching fast.

Just a reminder.

Darnit – I can’t make it.

Monday is Pepper Mill’s night for photography and/or overthrowing the government.
(This is no joke – it’s just the hyperbolic way I express her political activities)


Have fun y’all.

I’ll be there. Don’t cry.


Count me in.

Excellent. I actually just drove over to Shopper’s World so I would know how to find it later. I hate being late.