Mini LondonDope October 6/7/8?

Upstairs at the Lamb and Flag should be fine that time of the week, imho. Not a bad choice.

Yep, all being well, I’ll be there Coldy.
Just out of interest, when is David Blaine’s stunt due to end ?

It should still be on when we’re there. I can’t wait to see his dying carcass in that fishtank. :smiley:

OK, so is there a firm plan then?

Not really a solid plan, so far. But that can change!

Out of the respondents, what dates are best?

                              ***Oct. 6                    Oct. 7                 Oct. 8***
Coldfire                      Yes                       Yes                    Yes
Heloise                       Yes                       Yes                    Yes
paulberserker                 ?                         ?                      ?
Angua                         ?                         ?                      ?
garius                        ?                         ?                      ?
London_Calling                ?                         ?                      ?
fizzy                         ?                         ?                      ?
qts                           ?                         ?                      ?
Gyrate                        ?                         ?                      ?
Shade                         ?                         ?                      ?
Sir Doris                     ?                         ?                      ?

Fill in the blanks! Or, add your name, and fill in the blanks!

Count me in! The day isn’t important, I’ll just make sure to book the following day off.

me. 6/7/8 are all fine.

upstairs at the lamb and flag shouldnt be too bad. ive never been in the porterhouse, someone recommended it.

blaine comes out on the 19th of october. tower bridge is miles away down the south bank though. someone says a definite pub, i dont mind where.

I’ll be in an even more backwater part of the sticks then, but if I can find some friendly yokel with a donkey to get me nearer civilization then I should be able to make any of the dates.

[sub]These plans are subject to change as I’m looking after a hoard of sick animals, well, only two of 'em are sick, but that could all change, this is me we’re talking about, as long as none of 'em die on me…[/sub]

I’ll say ‘yes’ to all, with the proviso that fings can change. Obviously.
Tower Bridge always used to be a crap area for boozers. Might be something newer that I’m not aware of. Anyway, it’s only about £8-10 in a cab . . . .

Oh, I wasn’t suggesting we’d all go and see the Flying Yank together. I just figured Heloise and I have a look at him after we’re done ogling the Crown Jewels, or something.

Any area to meet up in is fine, really. You locals just pick something convenient, as long as it isn’t outside of zone 1. :wink:

is everybody else happy with somewhere in the west end? we need convenient suggestions peeps. i know you wanted somewhere near Euston, Angua, but i havent a clue about pubs round there.

anyone (doesnt have to be one of my suggestions, im happy with anywhere, as long as i dont have to drink the piss that is carling)

I would ideally prefer somewhere I can get to without too much difficulty, preferably in zone 1. How about the Silver Cross? Where’s that?

a map
ive been there now ive seen a picture of it on
its alright!:smiley:


I may be able to make any of the three dates, depending on where I am for work (Shannon, Stockholm, Reading or London - take your pick).

The Porterhouse has a good range of beers, is big, not full of tossers and has (had? I haven’t been for a while) a cash machine. The All Bar One on Shaftesbury Ave/Charing Cross Road is a chain pub, but not the most heinous. Ye Old Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street is a dingy old journo’s pub and a London classic, with proper beer. There’s also a decent pub in the back streets behind Charing Cross called the Ship & Shovel.

There’s also the Pitcher & Piano near Charing Cross (chain pub, big but not classy), the Bierodrome by Holborn (Belgian beers), the Walkabout at Temple tube (despite being an Aussie chain pub, very cheap and not as scummy as the Shepherd’s Bush branch) and many many more. Pick an area and I’ll research it.

tend to avoid those chain pubs myself Crusoe.

have we decided what dates best yet


No decisions as of yet, but there’s time. Just keeping this on top until all the information forces us to make choices. :slight_smile:

Still can’t do the Monday.

                              ***Oct. 6                    Oct. 7                 Oct. 8***
Coldfire                      Yes                       Yes                    Yes
Heloise                       Yes                       Yes                    Yes
paulberserker                 Yes                       Yes                    Yes
Angua                         Yes                       Yes                    Yes
garius                        ?                         ?                      ?
London_Calling                Yes                       Yes                    Yes
fizzy                         ?                         ?                      ?
qts                           ?                         ?                      ?
Gyrate                        No                        Yes                    Yes
Shade                         ?                         ?                      ?
Sir Doris                     ?                         ?                      ?
kferr                         Yes                       Yes                    Yes
Tir Tinuviel                  Yes                       Yes                    Yes
Crusoe                        Yes                       Yes                    Yes

So, looks like the 7th or the 8th so far! Any more additions?

i’m in.

Sticking my oar in on the Pub front, i’d suggest we avoid any of Covent Garden Pubs mentioned. They’re nice but prone to spontaneous yuppy-gatherings which can ruin a night.

Similarly the Bierodrome in Holborn (which is about 100 feet from where i’m sitting now) is alright but prone to filling up with post-work businessmen. Plus its viciously expensive.

Out of the pubs mentioned so far Crusoe’s suggestion of Ye Old Cheshire Cheese leaps out at me - i’ve been there before and its quite nice. The Old Bank of England is alright too - plus they do a damn good pint of London Pride.

There is also a nice dingy pub on high holborn called the Princess Louise. Its small and pokey but its a CAMRA award winner and serves some good alky-hole.

Plus it doesn’t have any “standard” lager (fosters, kronenbourg, grolsch etc.) on tap - its all import stuff at dirt cheap prices. Be warned though it doesn’t serve Guinness - it has a different stout on tap.