Mini LondonDope October 6/7/8?

That ought to get the attention of the usual suspects. :wink:

Me and the lovely Heloise, who is visiting our fair continent for a few weeks, will be in London Town from October 6 through 9. These are all weekdays, so the DopeFest in question would presumably best be held at night, which means on either 6, 7, or 8 October.

Demands:[ul][]Location: centrally, somewhere. :)[]Preferably a pub of sorts.[]With beer on draught.[]Perhaps a bowl of pretzels.Lots of Dopers! London_Calling, kabbes, Frannie, Sir Dhoris, kferr, Tangu, Kat (Twisty in town, perhaps?), and all the other poor bastards I’m forgetting right now, DO YOU COPY?[/ul]So, who’s up for a good piss-up on a school night? :smiley:

All I have to say in this thread is that I read the title and thought, “that’s cool, I wonder when the next time the date will run in sequence like that (6/7/8). I bet it’s pretty rare. Maybe it’s a Dopefest celebrating that. That’d be cool.”

Then my brain turned on. Man, and I’ve been up for hours already.

No, I’m not aiming for July 6, 2008 (or, for 'Murrikens, June 7, 2008). Help yourself to a nice, strong coffee, my friend. :smiley:

i have no problem with this. i like drinking on school nights. would you like me to run down some central london pubs?

looks at calendar and diary

Thinks about killing many birds with one stone

I have friends in London I’d really like to see, however, I’ll be teaching on Thursday, so an overnight stay isn’t possible. It takes an hour and a half to get to London. I can be in London for 5pm. The last train back is at quarter to midnight.

Right, I’m game. Just pick a central London pub near Euston station.

As luck would have it, I’m probably going to be in Ireland on those dates. Arse.

Although I could send a small sheep in my place.

Sounds good to me - count me in.

Any day is fine since i’ve been ordered to take the first two weeks of October off.

my leave year is up and i still have 25 days of untaken leave. I can carry 9 but my manager has informed me that she’ll feel awfully guilty if i don’t take at least 10 of the rest. :slight_smile:

[sub]Quick[/sub] hide the pies !!!

Can I come? Pretty please?

Only if you buy everyone a drink.

Actually sod that,

only if you buy me a drink.

I’m best for the Saturday - Thursday or Friday are ok but would require more planning

I am firmly in Scotland on those dates.

Which is better than you deserve for wantonly misspelling my name…

It’s Mo/Tu/We I’m afraid. And yes, fizzy, of course you can come!

Mr. Calling, that remark just cost you three pints of the black stuff right there. Old tosser. :wink: You’ll be there with bells on, I take it?

Tansu, darling, I didn’t mean to. I got excited, and combined “Tansu” with “Angua”, or something.

Frannie, too bad you can’t make it. Any of the sheep is welcome to join us for pints! Or, hell, AlexB, too!

paulberserker, looking forward to raising a few with you. Will you bring the oftmentioned biscuit gun? A suggestion on centrally located London pubs would be nice, although I realise that “centrally located London pub” doesn’t exactly narrow things down. :wink: Oh well, as long as we have a convenient place to hook up: and I mean convenient for those who have to come from work - we’ll have all day to get our arses over to wherever the first drinks shall be had.

Can’t do Monday 6th, but the other two nights are currently free (hell, the days are free too, although if that continues I won’t be able to afford to come).

I’ll throw a link in the previous Londope threads to alert the usual suspects.

Much obliged, Gyrate! Hope the job situation improves soon.

C’mon, you Lazy Limeys! Who’s up for pints?

Did anyone else read “Tansu combined with Angua excited me”? Oh, well.

Anyway, I might be free, though I should really get the late train, as I will have morning lectures :open_mouth:

pubs paul knows in central london that fit above criteria:

the ship
& crown + 2 chairmen on wardour st
lamb & flag, the porterhouse, in covenient garden
glassblowers, the crown, queens head, just off piccadilly circus
john snow in soho
intrepid fox, which is a metal pub (the music, rather than the substance)

theres also a big long line of boozers in a straight run from angel station, which may be easier if folks are coming in from kings cross

these are merely suggestions, but there some of my favourites. where do you lot normally go?


Sounds tempting. Depends on my timetable/what I can do with Mini-Doris/engineering works but in principle I’m up for it.

Hopefully ** Tir** will be well and Ianzin hasn’t been eaten by a Komodo dragon.

Regarding the venue - fond as I am of the Intrepid Fox I 'm not sure it’s a place to settle for a night of doper fun, unless they’ve turned the volume down since my last visit (a while ago, I admit).

N.B. The Silver Cross on Whitehall, just off Trafalgar Square, has comfortably accommodated at least two LonDopes. Just a suggestion.

paulberserker: “covenient garden”? :slight_smile: Actually, the Lamb and Flag is usually packed to the gills, and the Porterhouse too touristy. I’d say let’s avoid Covent Garden.