What I did On Tuesday Night, by Angua, aged 23 and a bit (Or mini-LonDope Aftermath)

Seeing as the lovely Coldfire and gorgeous Heliose were visiting London, we decided to have a mini LonDope. It was good. :slight_smile:

Got to Ye Old Cheshire Cheese - a nice, dark pub, about 7ish, and was promptly bought a drink by garius. The evening went downhill from there. I finally met Gyrate, Crusoe, Pingalondon, Herge, Blibliovore, and Paulbeserker. Much alcohol was consumed.

Tir turned up, late, but wasn’t distracted from the drinking by anything, not even food. I don’t think we had to point out her beer even once. Ianzin attempted to do some magic tricks for us, but he didn’t have any playing cards, or KABOOM! paper, so we got the disappearing pen trick instead, which was fun. He showed us pictures of a Komodo Dragon as well.

I think I’ve got the highlights, but as I have a meeting to go to now, so this post is going to be terminated right now, so I can get my papers together…

i was there. and i was drunk. nice to put faces to names.
big shout out to coldfire, herge, bibliovore and tir.

and i was late for work because i didnt bother to set my alarm.

insert smiley etc

All I can say to those who weren’t there is: at the time I and my goodladywife were leaving, Angua and pingalondon were emerging from the ladies’ loo having (allegedly) been paid by ianzin to swap clothing. I think that sums up the tenor of the evening quite nicely.

Oh, and Heloise, who is indeed exceedingly lovely and charming, is now all-too-familiar with the difference between US and British drinking habits and the effects of consuming beer by the pint (but remained lovely and charming nevertheless).

You know, it’s funny, because although I can swear I never touched a drop last night, I’m was still feeling less a little rough around the edges this morning. Must be from all that “passive drinking” I was forced to do. I swear - the sheer amount of alcohol fumes wafting around that place was enough to embalm a horse.


This is all true. We were paid to swap tops, which we did in the ladies, as opposed to in the bar. I think we ended up being paid in beer.

Apparantly, I have to turn up to the next DopeFest wearing a slinky top similar to pingalondon’s.

Slightly unrelated with respect to pictures - does anyone have any pictures of me which are at least slightly respectable (i.e. none in the “Tir and Angua do things” vein) that they wouldn’t mind me using on my website?

Looks like the fumes were strong enough to make my typing less than intelligible as well…

And I should also say that I had a perfectly wonderful time. Yer a lovely bunch a’ people, so y’are. You gals really know how to make a guy feel welcome.

Considering exactly how drunk we were last night, I’m not certain on how to take that, or what exactly you might be implying… :wink:

Why nothing, my little sugar-plum. Merely that I had a great time, and that you give great snogs, as I can personally attest to (as can Ianzin and Heloise, and possibly Tir as well, although I’m a little hazy on that one).

Oh, right. That. Just checking.

I do recall someone giving me a shoulder massage at one point - was it you?

Depends - was it any good?

Yes. It was.

Oh dear, poor garius, he’s going to get rather jealous :wink:

Oh yeah, Tir just likes my cleavage!

fat chance. I’m too hungover to be jealous. :wink:

High points for the evening for me were:

  1. Girls snogging - always good.

  2. Us getting poor lil confessorknight absolutely blatted. MUAHAHAHA

Memorable quotes from the evening:

On the suggestion that light pollution is as big a threat to society as passive smoking

Crusoe: Oh come on! Roy Castle didn’t die from having people shine torches in his eyes did he!


Tir (Asking someone for a cigarette): Fag?!

ScifiSam: You called?

Tell me about it - I’m slacking off, doing stuff for my webpage.

Men! What is it about girl on girl action that drives you lot wild??
Another good one was when I was talking about the meeting I had to go to this morning, and I mentioned that one of the participants in said meeting was my Group Head. Poor Crusoe only caught “group head”, and got rather excited!

oh, and if tirs checking this out, sorry love, we never made any tiny planets watches. shame.


There’s probably a very complicated sociological or psychological reason for it involving studies of human behaviour, personality drivers, cultural influences and race memory…

…but who gives a flying f*ck. I just know i enjoy it. :smiley:

I wonder if all dopefests turn into alcohol-fueled comedy nights and orgies or if its a uniquely British thing.

It didn’t turn into an orgy last night? Did it?

okay maybe thats a slight exageration. :slight_smile:

Just a slight exageration? I’d say a rather large exageration. I mean no one got nekkid, although pingalondon and I swapped tops, but we did that in the relative privacy of the ladies…