Time to get the ball rolling if a DopeFest is going to happen soon. It’s easier to keep a tally in a dedicated thread so hear goes:

In this thread this thread there’s been talk of a dopefest sometime soon. An alternative to LondopeIII was suggested since several dopers seemed to be averse to London.

However, not many London-phobic dopers appeared to be upo for the alternative either. Seems to me most of those up for it seem to be London based.

I’m up for a dope somewhere. I’m not too fussy where - it’s the company and the beer that count.

I’m restricted as to dates:

I can do 12th April - pretty much anywhere, really.
19th April - same, I guess. Depends if train fares/hotel tariffs go through the roof 'cos it’s Easter weekend.
26th the April - would have to be Brum or near to it.

Anyone interested?

Friday evening, 7.00pm, Stansted Airport. Bring a passport.

Majority vote secures the Easy Jet last-minute-tickets of choice, max flight price £50.00 return.


Count me in. The 26th April sounds like a good plan. Especially since I’m in Brum :slight_smile: Now, a pub of some description sounds like the best choice of meeting venue.

Can’t do the 19th (in Edinburgh) or 26th (in London). Any other time apart from 17th May fine, but don’t plan around me.

I hope to be in London middle to end of August, if y’all want to schedule somethin’ then…

I’d do a end of August fest in London.

August probably okay for me, given the notice.

I can swing August, too,…the middle is better than the end.

If it’s in London or the near environs, I can probably attend. Anywhere further away depends on my cash flow situation at the time.

Count me in.

Can’t do June (away). Can’t do w/e of May 10.

April OK but I suggest it would be madness to plan anything to coincide with the Easter weekend, Apr 19, when lotsa people have plans and travelling around is more hellish than usual.

Ok, count me in for August then. London should be do-able. Its only a couple of hours, if that by train.

If it’s August, and we can set a date with some notice, I should be able to make most parts of the country (within reason) if London isn’t practical.

April 26 would be cool, we could celebrate my b-day. Other than that the only black-out on my calendar is the 2nd week of June. Just a suggestion at this point, but the Great British Beer Festival is in London August 5th - 9th.

Okay, how does this sound -

BrumDope - 26th April, Birmingham.

Then maybe later in the year (probably august) we can have -

LonDope - Son of Brum - 9th(ish) August, London.

BrumDope would be the main one, but LonDope would allow the fun and grudges developed in Brum to be continued at a later date, plus provide those who definitely can’t make Brum with an opportunity to still take part.

garius, sounds like a good plan. As for venues, depends on what people want. Some of the canalside pubs are very nice, but may be packed on an April Saturday. My office mates have suggested the Old Joint Stock near the Cathedral, which is quiet, or the Firkin, just off New Street.

I’m sure that something suitable can be organised, once we know what people are after.

Garius - that sounds dandy to me.

Brum and Londopes, can do both or either, depending of course on Miss Hattrick…

Under the thumb, nah but I can’t seem to rub the print off of my forehead.

wear a hat - it hides the mark.

Now that would be a neat (hat) trick

A BeerFest Londope on the 9th of August would be smashing, but so would a DexFest Londope at the middle/end of august. I guess we can make firmer plans for a DexFest when we know exactly when (if) he’ll be around.

Brum on the 26th April sounds like a happy plan.