August Londope -- plan now, and avoid the rush

In this thread, there was some discussion of an August Londope, potentially involving 1) a beer fest 2)a pub quiz and/or 3) C K Dexter Haven.

August 9 was mentioned as a possibly workable date, which I understand coincides with a beerfest of some sort. CKDH mentioned mid- to late August. I’d personally prefer the 16th or 23rd (which is the Bank Holiday weekend), as the 9th is problematic.

Regarding the quiz element, if this sounds like a fun thing to do and isn’t superceded by festive beer consumption, I’m putting together a suitably interesting quiz. It’ll be based on a two-team arrangement, so there can be a boys v girls competition (a rematch from the Brumdope, perhaps?) or however you like, which will allow for some comings and goings of individuals. If you want a proper quiz (requiring over an hour), I need to know soon in order to plan the questions.

So: firstly, I’m up for nominations for an August Dopedate – assuming we want a Saturday, would y’all prefer the:

  1. 9th
  2. None of the above

We will also need a “where” to have the event. I liked the Silver whatever-the-hell-it-is off Trafalgar Square, but am open to other suggestions as long as we can get a big table without being too cramped.

Also: On the In-quiz-ition:

  1. Yes please, I want a chance to whup the boys/girls in a contest they can’t cheat on, unlike that damn pub machine in Birmingham.

  2. Well, okay, but just a quick one.

  3. No thanks, I’d rather spend the time socializing/drinking heavily/smashing monkeys/setting fire to things.

Remember – your vote counts!

Any is fine by me,

1 please! FTR - the Doperghirls won fair and square :slight_smile:

yep count me in for any of those dates and i certainly like the idea of a quiz. if we need to do some location scouting then i’m happy to volunteer.


Taking a note out of Francesca’s book, a list to catch vanity searchers:

Crusoe SirDoris Tir_Tinuviel Infectious Lass tuco Sparrow SteveWright ianzin London_Calling Francesca Bifar TPWombat Biba Pingalondon flapcats Mangetout I,Brian Carodin Gartog Blue_Poop WotNot ems The Clawman Andy Felonious Mink glee Lobsang Oblong Big Alex TwistofFate Curly Chick Jjimm Bippy the Beardless Cherry Boldface Type RickQ cjhoworth amarone LunaSea amanset grey-ideas Tapioca Dextrin Everton kferr AlexB Fierra Tansu Kabbes Washte Nostradamus Owlstretchingtime Malacandra Pjen

Have I missed anyone?

casdave, Sir Doris

Can’t think of anyone else.

Oh, and garius, lies? What lies. I do not lie. I only tell you the truth, as it happened.

I think my computer was suddenly taken over by the Iraqi Information Minister, after all he does control the transport system here in Birmingham. :slight_smile:

my brumdope roomie:


I fully intend to be in town for August but beyond that, I have no idea of what may unfold. I’m up for a beer or two if I can make it but I just won’t know until much nearer the time.

Anyway, I’ve posted here now so my inbox will tell me when this thread has been updated.

Only thing I can think of to note at this point is that August is both tourist hell and resident quiet (everyone’s gorn to the Med, or Florida, or whatever) – that means the roads are great but book the London Eye as soon as a date is firmed up.

Oh, I think I’ll make it. And I’ll add Anahita to the vanity list.

Any of those dates is fine by me. The Silver wotsit is also good by me.

I’m up for a quiz, but this girls vrs boys element strikes me as mightily unfair. The ratio of men to women is usually around 3:1!

Hmm… I can’t make 23rd coz it’s MTG:Grand Prix London that weekend. (Also, don’t let Angua give directions! I got so lost in Brum!)

Fran, the male:female ratio could give you girls an excuse for losing, don’t knock it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Everybody else thought my directions were ok :slight_smile:

But seriously - where did you get lost - which of my directions were thoroughly confusing?

Obiwan, yojimbo (Dub), micilin and wife (Dubs), ruadh (Dub) and Washte’s Kal.

And me, of course. I am unsure about dates, as I am not sure where/if I’ll be working during August.

I did actually catch this without the vanity search, incredibly. Nice idea though.

Right now I see no problems with those dates at all. Given we’re doing it in August and all, however, I would prefer it if we could make it a Dexdope. Seems a bit unfair otherwise.

A small quiz would be fine by me, but IME big ones tend to rather impede rather than enhance an evening. YMMV etc.


kitarak is a Brit, or at least UK-based … so’s peepthis, I think. Just for the sake of adding them to the vanity list.

Me, I’m OK with any dates at the moment, and am up for a quiz if I can wear thick gloves.

Put me down as a maybe. I’ve no major hols. booked so getting a bit of time off shouldn’t be a prob. so any of the dates will suit. I confirm closer to the date.

Any of those dates are fine with me, too.

It’s got to serve a decent pint of beer. I demand you spend every weekend between now and August visiting pubs and taste testing beer for quality control purposes.

hell i do that anyway Sir D! I’m actually building a website at the moment with reviews of various pubs etc.

its a labour of love :slight_smile:

in seriousness though i will scout around - i know a few in and around the Garden that are quite nice and there are bound to be others.

What is a Dex Dope?

I’m thinking, it’s one where C K Dexterhaven is present.

Ah, duh. Right.

AAaaaaanyway, I’ll probably try to book a room in town, for **Frannie, Alex and myself for the night so we don’t have to go scurrying off at half ten.

I’ll probably be free if you’re short on numbers for quiz teams (I’ve got no no specialist knowledge but I look smart).