August Londope -- plan now, and avoid the rush

don’t forget elfje, Aro, curly chick, irishgirl.

I’ll CERTAINLy be there for the August bank holiday weekend.

Another maybe, depending on financial and wifely considerations.

And Gary Kumquat for the vanity thing.

If we do the Bank Holiday weekend, we’ll probably want a pub far enough away from the tourist areas, but not so far out that public transport will be crap.

Hmmm…the George on Borough High Street (near London Bridge) has a nice historical feel to it. How’s their beer offerings, garius?

Anahita, can I join your pyjama party? Twisty convinced me that I should go to LonDope, so if I could join in with you and your chums for a place to lay my weary head, that would be great!!

Can’t make the weekend of the 23rd, I’ll be in Amsterdam on a Hen Weekend (Coldie, you had better ensure the appropriate people are warned and that there is sufficient beer for us! :D)

Other dates are fine though.

The pub in Whitehall was the Silver Cross. Nice pub. :slight_smile:

jr8 oh yay! The George! Thats a cool pub! Good beer!
I used to drink down there when I worked at the Dungeon…

However cos it is close to the Dungeon, and the middle of August, it will be very busy!

Oh, quiz thing… as long as the questions are about Smashing Monkeys and I can set Fire to anyone who cheats… [sub](myself excluded)[/sub]

Tell you what: if you promise not to set fire to anyone, I’ll include at least one monkey question.

bouncy :smiley: bouncy :smiley: bouncy :smiley: bouncy :smiley: bouncy

no fire? sniffle
Shame Ryan_Liam wont be 18 till September… I lurve him I do! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we not just sneak him in? Are the bouncers vigilant over there?

That breaks the whole don’t talk about breaking laws thing doesn’t it?

Sorry about that Mods. I’ll shut up now.

You didn’t put up one other option.

Any of the above.

I will make it one way or another, if Kferr turns up it will be my turn to book the room.

One consideration is that the August Bonk Halliday weekend ensures that prices will be very high and availability low for those coming from overseas.

True enough jjimm. Those bonk holidays certainly bring in the punters. The weekend of 30/31st?

I’d just like to point out that this thread constitutes an organisational effort with respect to a UK-centric Dopefest, and therefore it should, technically, be owned, managed and run by Queen Fran. I mean, this is just a matter of tradition, honour and universally recognised invariant natural laws. But due credit to jr8 for running in Fran-emulation mode.

As regards the venue, I nominated the Silver Cross last time and I think it’s just perfect for our needs in respect of location, ease of access, size, relative privacy, quality of booze, optional food and tolerance of staff. But democracy roolz OK.

As regards date, I’d like to veto anything on or about Aug 22-24 because I’ll be in Australia at that time. Less selfishly, if you hold it on a date when I can’t come, then no kaboom paper, and no kaboom paper means a Tir sulk, and a Tir sulk… well, I don’t think I need to emphasise how terrible the consequences could be. Also, I’m one of the UK Dopefest official photographers (along with Slim Steve Wright). So I hope these dates can be avoided. But the date needs to be sorted out soonish because then I can plan the rest of my Australian trip and make sure it doesn’t clash with Dopefestery.

No, no, no. I very firmly hand over the reigns* to jr8 on this one.

[sub]*Do you see what I did there? A clever play on words. A pun, if you will. So smrt.[/sub]

Thanks Anahita, but it’s far too soon for me to start planning for August!

My sides. They are splitting.

FWIW, I almost certainly can’t do the last weekend in August, as both sets of parents will be in town for the big Graduation Ceremony. Are we still okay for the 16th? And when is Dex going to let us know whether or not this will be a proper DexDope?

The quiz rules are falling nicely into place, and I’ve already got a fair crop of questions lined up. No straightforward quiz, this; nosirree – I guarantee lots of opportunities for backstabbing, own goals, cries of “You bastard!”, and at least one question involving monkeys. Hee hee hee…

Looks like I can’t make the 23rd. My cousin’s getting married, so I’m required to be present (and sober) that weekend. :frowning:

16th is good for me.