Mini Rescue Me

Due to the writers’ strike, the Denis Leary series will have a short summer season, in more ways than one. Apparently they only managed to get one episode filmed and they’re spreading it out until the 2009 season. On the plus side, the 2009 season will have nearly twice as many episodes than ususal.

So no Rescue Me this year? Oh well, at least I still have The Shield.

Sorta. There will be ten episodes (usually 13) but they’ll also be 10% as long.

“Spreading it out”? Showing it in five-minute clips? Or repeating it? Why wouldn’t they just wait and show it at the start of the new, full season?

I didn’t watch most of the last season – too much Leary, not nearly enough of everyone else. But I’m looking forward to another season – the show has good bones.

Probably both. Definitely the former.

I guess Leary doesn’t want to leave us fans hanging until then but it’s weird.

Eh, it’s a bit weird, but every now and then I appreciate when someone tries something a little different. Maybe it’ll be an effective marketing tool for the extra long hiatus.

I’d say it’s almost certain that they’ll show the one episode in it’s entirety preceding the 2009 season but if they’ve got something in the can now why not use it to try and keep the interest of your existing fans and maybe lure in a few new ones. FX and the other smallish networks that were putting out the new, somewhat edgy dramas on a unconventional schedule were probably hurt disproportionately by the strike.