Miniatures made of seed beads? Gimme ideas, plz!

I’d like to make miniatures (for a dollhouse) and have tons of seed beads on hand.

Any ideas on what to craft that would incorporate tiny seed beads?

String 'em. Wrap and glue into tiny oval rugs for the Dolls house.
Tiny beaded curtains would be cute.

I don’t know how big they are relative to the house, but you could use them to make a wall picture.

Well, ask yourself what in a real house would be made out of lots of marble to ping-pong ball (give or take) sized lumps. I’m not coming up with much, myself.

Bathroom tiles. Do Dolls houses have bathrooms?
Oh, oh…tiny chandeliers

A table lamp would work if you make them stand stiffly. Strings of Christmas lights. Placemats. Decorative ends of curtain rods. Welcome mat. Beads over door coverings. Toy snake.

If you have wire, you could make tiny flowers or potted plants.

If you’re up for something more complicated, there are lots of patterns for tiny seed bead purses with little pictures or designs on them. You could do something like that and use it for a wall hanging or rug or decorative pillow.