Minibosses - a great bnd doing reat covers of Nintendo songs.

You have to here some of this stuff, The live Ninja Gaiden is particularly awesom. I am just so impressed with how the music stands on its own. Even if you do not remember the games they still sound great.

Awesome, but I wouldn’t get a CD, as it would get old real quick. Still, good for a short trip down memory lane.

They were at Penny-Arcade’s exposition this past weekend, titled PAX. I didn’t get to see them myself, as the theater filled up quickly, but I heard nothing but glowing reviews.

hehehe Thanks for the link, Muad’Dib. I was going to agree with ya at first, Wolfian, but after hearing the sample of the Castlevania (1) song, I can’t make any promises. :slight_smile:



Just in case anyone wanted to compare the NES originals with the Miniboss covers: (Flash player required)

I programmed this as a college assignment more than a year ago.

Exceedingly quick, for me. I closed out of the Ninja Gaiden track halfway through. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it sounded “flat” and repetitive. It would have benefitted from a strong harmony… The bass came in about halfway through, but it didn’t seem to be enough.

But of course, what can one expect from music for an 8-bit console?

I LOVE the Minibosses. Their version of Contra is my favorite. Since the NES had no bass, they have to essentially create a lot of the rythym sections for the songs, and on that one they did a superb job. Just check out pung’s link for the comparison.

THAT is just so sweet! I’m gonna catch their show in L.A. next month.

I wonder if they ever did a cover of Metroid…

A little more limited, but this band does Final Fantasy music.

Yup, check out Pungs flash.