MINIs are wearing me down.

You all know I’m a fan of classic British cars. I have two of them (not Minis). When the New MINI came out it seemed wrong to me. First, it was bigger than the original. Second, it’s a BMW. I remember when everyone had to have a BMW 320i back in the '80s, and it really turned me off. Third, the original was cheap transportation. The new ones aren’t exactly cheap, their fuel efficiency doesn’t seem fantastic, and they require premium fuel.

Still, they do look nice. And they’re the right size for me. And they certainly get better fuel economy than my Cherokee. And they’re definitely more practical and more reliable than an original one. They’re wearing me down. They’re starting to grow on me. They evilly hiss, ‘Join ussssssssss!’ I can see myself driving one in Old English White with a black top and red interior.

I don’t need another car. Parking is problematic now, and I hope to be driving the MGB in three months’ time. Besides, I’m making extra payments on my house.

But the Jeep will need to be replaced someday…

I drove my Mini Cooper through 4" of water

Hmm, maybe with all the rain and puddles/lakes/ponds we get around here after a rain, a MINI isn’t such a good idea, Johnny.

It’s too expensive to go offroad nowadays, and I have yet to run into any large puddles in SoCal or NoWA that I haven’t been able to avoid.

The Jeep has been useful in the snow. But I used to have a Chevy Sprint that also did well in the snow due to its light weight and front wheel drive. I drove the Jeep over 45 miles of washboard road between Nanaimo and Bamfield. That might be problematic in a small car with a couple of kayaks on top. But most of the time I use paved roads.

A small car – any small car – will not have the towing capacity I’ve used many times with the Jeep; but then I can rent a truck. My boat is very light and could be towed by a Civic. I used to need an SUV. Now I don’t.

No worries in Birch Bay or Bellingham. Sure, it rains; but I’ve found that drainage is usually pretty good. And down here it doesn’t rain much.

Nah, get an old Morris Minor instead. Now** they’re** adorable. :slight_smile:

Nah, two decades-old British cars are enough for one person! I need to have one reliable car to replace the Jeep!