Minneapolis Dopers... help!

My girlfriend and I are coming to Minneapolis from the 29th to the 1st to see the Tori Amos concert. Your maps cause great bother and gnashing of teeth. You house the Osama Bin Laden of city planners. Can anyone recommend some cheap, but safe, hotels close to Northtrop Auditorium (84 Church St. SE)?

And stay tuned for further Scurvy messages as I’ve got more pictures of my hairy ass in drag.

Cheap but safe…

Try this link


Northrup is on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Campus.

(And Minneapolis is easy. Try St. Paul)

What Dangerosa said.

Minneapolis is nice and square and numbered in one direction and alphabetical in the other. St. Paul’s streets were started by wandering cattle, if you believe Jesse Ventura.


MsRobyn, I think that was ‘drunken Irishmen’. :smiley:

Can’t help you about the rest, AnalScurvy - I get lost almost everytime I go outside of Uptown. [sub]Shaddup, lno. You too, Smeghead.**

…my son goes to University there, and Northrup is located on campus. We usually stay at the Days Inn University, which is at like 24th and University. What’s nice about that Days Inn is that it’s at the end of Washington Avenue, and you can walk down Washington five or six blocks and Northrup is a block or two off Washington. The “U”, as the locals call it is an awesome school in a really neat city. Hope this helps.

Eggerhaus, that’s such a nice thing to say about the U! I go there too and I love it. Chique, I used to live in uptown. Small world!

I smell a mini fest!

Hey! That’s… you… it… The river. I blame the river. All that snaking and winding… and the bluff… that’s it…

Oh, you’ve made a mistake - you’re looking at Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Tori Amos concert is actually in Minneapolis, Kansas – you can find that on mapquest.com relatively easily.

A person from Minneapolis is a Minneapolitan.

And sometimes people who live in Minneapolis call it Minneanapolis, though I think those are transplants who don’t quite get it.

And oddly enough, sometimes they spell it Mpls.

Which is wrong, as it’s clearly MSP…but I do live right next to the airport so I could be biased. :wink:

I wish I could help you, but as I do live right next to work (the airport), I think if I tried to drive beyond the five minute work route with the one left turn on a light…I’d probably end up on a Cactus farm in Mexico…

But, on the other hand they have good beer, friendly people AND it’s nice and warm there unlike the early morning snow flake friends we got yesterday…

I think that the Days Inn is a good bet, too. There’s a Holiday Inn on the West Bank (just across the river), and a Radisson that is very close to Northrop, (on Washington Ave.) although those might be too expensive for you. IIRC, there’s also an Econo Lodge across the street from the Days Inn, but I’ve never known anyone who’s stayed there.

If you stay at the Days Inn (or any of the hotels I’ve mentioned), walk to the concert. You will not find closer parking (that’s cheap, anyway). Bundle up.

I think your beef is more with the U than with the city of Minneapolis. They’re the ones who decided to keep all the old street names when the rest of the city switched to numbered streets long, long ago. The street known as 15th Ave. SE to the rest of the city is Pleasant St. SE to the U. Church St. corresponds to 17th Ave. SE. (Where’s 16th Ave. SE? It’s got grass planted on it and is called “Northrop Mall”. You see, while that address for NMA says it’s on Church St., it’s really not on any street at all!)

Confused yet? Here’s a map, and here’s a [. Here, you can find a [url=http://onestop.umn.edu/Maps/campusmaps.html] campus map](http://onestop.umn.edu/Maps/NMA/NMA-map.html[close-up map[/url).

Just look at that mess of streets near the St. Paul campus (on the inset of the Minneapolis campus map)! Great to take a walk on (you find your way back to campus eventually), but you can see where the “drunken Irishman” comment came from. :slight_smile:

Oops. Let’s try that again.

Confused yet? Here’s a map, and here’s a close-up map. Here, you can find a campus map.