Minor Airline Rant........

GAH! This doesn’t really go in the Pit, because I’m not THAT mad. But still, I’m annoyed.

So I was supposed to go to Memphis tonight to visit my parents. Flying USAir out of Baltimore to Charlotte, then connection to Memphis. Leave at 7 tonight, come back Monday. Packed last night, dropped the WonderKitten off at the vet’s for neutering and boarding, and was all set.

Got to the airport at 5:30. Flight leaves at 7. First issue…ALL the damn satellite parking lots are closed. Of course, the airport can’t bother updating the signs on the highway, so I had to go INTO each area to find this out. However, they were offering reduced rates in the daily lot, where I found a spot. Then had 3 buses pass me by at the waiting stop. Lovely.

Get to the terminal, check my luggage outside, and head in. Notice that the lines at the USAir/Metrojet ticket counters are REALLY long. This should have been a tipoff.

Get to the gate to check in. Look at flight info, it says the flight is leaving at 7:10 now instead of 6:55. I’m still okay…flight to Charlotte is one hour, 20 minutes, and my connection leaves at 8:55. I’ll cut it close, but still doable. But wait! They hadn’t updated the damn screen! Flight NOW leaves at 8. So my connection is shot to hell. NO more flights are heading to Memphis tonight. Give up and rebook on a flight leaving tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning. Call parents to tell them NOT to go to airport. (Aside: my mother made the comment: “You sound stressed.” NO SHIT!)

Get my luggage, and go outside, where I waited for 40 minutes for the shuttle bus BACK to my car. Got home, where there was a message from USAir saying my flight was delayed. No, really? Thanks so much. To make a long story short (too late), I gave up on this weekend and rescheduled for next weekend. Had the $75 change fee, but my parents pay for the tickets anyway.

So I’m home, with a free weekend, no kitten tonight (going to try and pick him up tomorrow), and I’ve discovered that fruit punch and Bacardi Limon is DAMN yummy. :slight_smile:

Just needed to vent. :slight_smile: