Minor pet peeve concerning online publishers.

New York Times, Washington Post, Salon…This is directed at you.

The attention span of most people is longer than 2.6 paragraphs. For the love of god, please put the entire fucking article on one page! Your content loads slowly enough the way it is; I shouldn’t have to click, scroll, click “print” just to read the last paragraph of a fucking six paragraph article! It’s stupid! Knock it the fuck off!

Thank you.

One article spread over two pages means twice as many ads which means twice as much ad revenue, roughly.

If you really want a horrid example of this, look at The Onion – they used to have five paragraph-length blurbs at the bottom of the page. Now, there’s only one, and each successive one is on a page of its own, surrounded by advertising content. Fortunately, they do take some pity on the hapless reader and offer a link back to the main page once you read them all.

I know this is the Pit, but…cite? :smiley:

That’s obvious and doesn’t require a ci…oh look, a bird!

  1. What, like they can’t put two or three or four ads on one page like they do in a the paper edition?

  2. You’re one of them, aren’t you. :dubious:

  3. Stop being logical when I’m cranky!

I got yer cite right here, buddy. Come a little closer and let me give it to you. :stuck_out_tongue: