Minor Rant, but i'm still pissed.

Okay. I know that there is a dead tree out back, when I save enough money , I will have it cut down. I havent bought anything but peanut butter , bread , and coke in the last 3 weeks trying to save up enough to get you off my frigging back. I know it might fall down one day, I’m sorry for this, but if it falls it will hit my place not yours. No matter how many tree surgeons you send to my house this week ,I wont have enough money right now.

Oh , yeah, I forgot. Yes I do know that its you sending all of those cheap uninsurred kids with chainsaws to my house volunteering to cut down that tree for way more than they deserve. when I get the money I will higher a professional , I only want to hire a pro because if one of these uninsured kids dosent do it right and they hit your house , your gonna sue me, and I dont have money for that either.

It’s half on your property , why dont we split the price to have it cut down ? Oh , yeah I forgot , you are a 75 year old nosy bitch who saves all of her social security money to play bingo.

P.s. I know half of you dont aggree with me but I honestly dont have the money and I’m doing all that I can.

Me? What tree? Where?
runs away

So, if it’s on half her property, and she won’t pay for half the cost, why don’t you tell her that you’re not paying for the full price until you’re damn good and ready to?

Yeah, or tell her she can go ahead and cut down half the tree, but if that makes the whole thing come down on your house you’ll sue.

Sneak out some night and push the tree down onto her property.

My father-in-law had this happen to him where a tree on his neighbor’s land (border but definitely on his land) fell onto FIL property.

To both of our surprise, the neighbor claimed it wasn’t his problem. FIL contacted lawyer and turns out neighbor was right. FIL had to spend $$$ to get the tree out (thousands+) and the neighbor sat grinning from his porch.

There are more trees looking precarious and FIL is thinking of doing exactly this… :smiley:

You don’t know how to cut down a tree?

We’ve got one that looks like it will fall into our house, and the insurance company won’t give us money to head off a disaster. They’ll pay if it goes through my roof, though. How stupid is that?

I’m a girl , I’m somewhat young, I’m damn near poor and Libertarian wants to know why I cant cut it down myself? I pray that you were joking.

You know … pot’s cheaper. And you tend to eat a little more than peanut butter sandwiches.

I dont have the money for pot and munchie food. If I did have the money for pot, then I wouldnt care what she thought about my tree would I? I would be a bit busy wondering at the amazing creation that is peanut butter.

Oh yeah. I meant Coca-Cola.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My God…that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in ages. Thanks, Jack for striking that particular nerve.

To the OP:

Tell the old bat you’ll cut down the tree when you’re able to, and not before. If she keeps harrassing you, threaten to call a lawyer or something.

[sub]I realize the above is very lame advice, and probably wouldn’t do much more than piss off your neighbor, but I just had to screamlaugh at Jack’s little witticism, and didn’t want to completely hijack…[/sub]

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but the term “coke” has sometime been attributed to a somewhat expensive (more expensive than marijuana) controlled substance known as “cocaine” … hence the humor inherrant in the post.

But I digress.


</Emily Latella>

I got more obscure references too, you know.

i know I know, let the smackies fly :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack:

I was unaware that somewhat youthful females bordering on poverty were unable to cut down trees. What are those things with breasts in the Marines?

Sorry Lib but I’d suggest that for anything other than a small tree, it really is a specialist job for a tree surgeon.

Is tree surgeon some ironic name for a guy from a pruning company?

That reminds me of a 2002 Darwin Award nominee.

Um, overweight men?
Back to the OP: Flowerchild, why don’t you try contact some of your local emergency services? In Oz, most emergency services, say, State Emergency Services, Fire Authorities and even the Department of Natural Resources (in Victoria, it’s the SES, CFA, and NRE respectively) have personnel who have chainsaw and tree-lopping qualifications and have plenty of experience. Also, some of these organisations are volunteer based and not charge a fee.