Mint Julep's Mexico Story


There is an indication that Mexican names ending in Z are Sephardic, and that would make alot of Mexican Jews.:wink:

I have nothing to add to the OP, but out of curiosity I pulled up Julip’s posting history and was sort of amused by the sequence of three thread titles from aways back:

–Sick kitty; upset owner.

–Rest in peace sweet kitty

–Meet my new kitty, Steve!

Kind of a whole story right there.

Me too! Many vacations at the Hotel Club Akumal Caribe. Many nights trying unsteadily to get out of the swings at Lol-Ha.

She now has the option to present her supporting arguments while we sit in the peanut gallery with our own option to counter them and/or take random potshots at anything else that comes to mind. Finally, well that’s pretty much it.

By the way, this might be better for IMHO but does anyone know the best way to treat a screwdriver wound? Need answer fast.

Keep pouring the vodka into it, so it doesn’t get infected.

Hold the OJ.

I’m going to prescribe a course of margarita therapy too, just to be on the safe side.

Rubbing salt in the wound doesn’t seem very nice.

Isn’t it usually Flores though? As opposed to a name that usually is transcribed with z? E.g., Alvarez, with its obvious origins?

Cervesa? A Screwdriver would be more apropos.


Es frayt mir zikh tsu kenen aykh.
Hope I got that right…

I didn’t even need to read that thread. It seemed like total bullshit just from the title and I was not acquainted with MJ’s posting style.

Next up: Cancer, Kidnapped by the Zetas and forced to post, Freed by the DEA on a secret drug raid.

Bit of drywall spackle, a putty knife, and a sanding block. DIY repairs can be inexpensive, quick and easy!

Good call, it is usually spelled flores, but my name on this board has a z the end like my actual last name; and mine is really a very common Mexican last name.

lo siento no comprendo.:smack:

I didn’t read through the story in question (it just wasn’t that interesting to finish), but I’ve long realized that people often set tall tales in Mexico, because they seem to think that everybody views it as a place without norms, so they’re more likely to accept the story. It’s the “spring-break” perception of Mexico as a place where “anything goes,” which is not based in truth, but simply on an image that Mexico’s tourism industry quietly allows to continue.

They’re still trying to forget about that unfortunate incident a while back when a guy at a beachside brunch buffet was stabbed 186 times just for taking extra pancakes. Fortunately they used one of those little plastic cocktail swords, but those things can really leave a mark. Never again will the Hotel Del Mar sponsor tequila drinking contests before breakfast has been fully served.

Do they cut the ends off their burritos?

(I’ll show myself out.)

Everybody’s freaking Colombo nowadays. Who knows if the person’s telling the truth or not, and who really cares? It seems like lately there’s this whole internet detective thing going on.

I think Sephardic Jews would be more likely to speak Ladino.