Mint Julep's Mexico Story

Mint Julep, you’ve had some recent interesting and dramatic threads. here about your dad going to jail on 6/28, here about your unexpected pregnancy from 6/20, and most recently here about your friend stabbing someone 7 times in Mexico.

I did a cursory glance at your posting history, you seem like a normal-enough nice poster, but your recent spate of threads is odd and I somewhat question them (the dad and pregnancy ones are plausible, but coupled with your MX story, they do seem questionable. If they are true, I sincerely apologize since you’re probably in emotional upheaval right now.

But, your Mexico thread is what set me off. I happen to own a house in that area (near Tulum). In fact, my ex, his wife and our kids are down there now. Year-round residents or more long-term residents are very gossipy about news, crime, awful tourists, squatters and the like. We mostly keep in contact via email chains, but if you’re down there, news flows quickly and freely as we are all interested in protecting our homes and investments.

Out of actual concern, but some degree of suspicion about your claims, I asked ex and his wife to see if they had heard anything about this or could learn anything about it. I’ve also discussed this via our email network, and no one has heard anything about it. There was a rape/robbery of two youngish women on a beach near there at the end of June, but that’s been the extent of significant crime drama. If you can point me to a story on this or otherwise prove me wrong, I will happily apologize. But, I call bullshit. Also, in advance, I foresee you quickly clearing up that you were mistaken and this did not occur anywhere near Tulum,

This is not a very good pitting, but I did not want to violate any rules by bringing it up in your thread.

You bastard.

I am currently just outside of Tulum and I second the statement that this place is a ‘bee hive’ for information sharing. When something like that happens it makes quite a buzz among the local gossip and would almost certainly have made news reports too. I have not heard any reports of the crime described in the post, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t happen.

Well I didn’t want to be the guy to say it first, though I hinted at it in my post in that thread.

It doesn’t add up, and looking back at Mint Juleps recent history, I sense a bit of sensationalism.

You trusting sonsabitches. I just loveya.

I’m curious. People here are claiming to own Mexican property. Have they changed the rule that only Mexican citizens can own Mexican property?

See post #3.

Yes, a foreigner can own land in MX. For coastal land you need to establish a fideicomiso which is like a bank trust. One can also establish a Mexican corporation that can own the coastal land, but it can’t be used as a residence. Or there’s always multiple citizenships. :wink:

Technically, no one owns property in Mexico. You rent it for 100 years, renewable, from the Mexican government.

I defer to others who know better but I’m pretty sure.
A bit too late, I looked this up and it has been labeled a “misconception.” Guess it’s a widespread misconception though. I lived there and that’s what everyone said.

Did you like your trip down there Marley?

Anyone can buy property in the majority of Mexico and receive full title, even as a tourist. There are two exceptions, restricted zones and Ejido land.

In restricted zones, usually coastal and border areas, foreigners can still purchase homes but the land deed is held in a trust (called a fidecomiso) by a cooperating bank and land rights are provided to the buyer in 50 year leases, which are renewable (by either the original buyer or more likely their heirs) at least a couple of times. Often times someone in that situation may be planning to obtain Mexican citizenship and convert the title to their name, or sell it before their trust expires, but they don’t have to. It is owned by them for all intents and purposes for 100 years either way. The law has been evolving steadily more in favor of land ownership over the years so by the time those 100 years are up the whole situation could be different.

Ejido land, agricultural land set aside by the government for the people who work the land, can be tricky but even it can be purchased and re-titled to non-citizens under certain circumstances.

Well I had it coming… but I will buy you a cerveza if we ever have a Tulum Dopefest.

Thanks** Crazyhorse.** That clears that up.

Very much, yes. Anyway I don’t mean to drag this off track, so I’ll stop.

Man, did I ever have some god times in Akumal back in the mid-90s. It was a sleepy little village back then, which is why I was surprised to hear about that kind of crime in the area. I’ve heard it has grown up a lot since then, though.

Are Mexicans not allowed to post here?

Not legally.

I had a moment of suspicion myself. Especially when I read that the guy was thanked by a LEO, popped on the plane, and went home.

This is interesting. Does now MJ reply? Does anything else happen to determine the veracity of the stories?

I am Mexican and I post here.:cool:

:dubious: how come your name ends in z?

Yes Please!